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8.9m length great max torque and engine buses from KINGSTAR

The definition of buses

Buses refer to the city bus or small minibus or medium-sized minibus. It is the typical vehicle model of big or medium buses, which is a commercial vehicle specifically for urban and suburban transportation.

Brief introduction of buses

From the perspective of design and technical characteristics of buses, different from other large and medium-sized passenger car models. Such as tourist buses, the vehicle equipped with the passenger seat and channel for passengers to stand up and walk around. The standard area is large, the car channel and entrances and exits are wide. Above two doors with the low pedal. If it is a suburban bus, it will mainly for passenger transport between the middle distance and the town. The seat is more than the city bus, and there should be a luggage compartment or luggage rack.

The classifications of buses

There are many kinds of bus classification. According to the operation interval, it has a short distance (within the urban area) and long-distance (between urban area) buses. Due to the difference in the fuel type, we have oil, gas, and electric buses; According to the different model structures, it divided into single-layer, double-layer, articulated buses, and so on.

At first, most city buses were refit from the chassis of trucks. The chassis of modern city buses are generally designed and manufactured according to the requirements of passenger cars.

The bus and minibus from KIGNSTAR

This is a front-engine intercity bus that is dedicated to markets of community and passenger transit. The high-strength structure and energy-saving technology can realize the requirements of safety and energy efficiency. The exterior shape design has the advantages of streamline and the wedge shape. It has a high performance of great adaptation to different road conditions (Rough or smooth).


The specifications of the buses

This semi-monocoque body structure model C9 is one of our hot sale city bus models. Different from minibusses, the city bus with bigger shape. The dimension of the bus is 8,880 * 2,380 * 3,200mm, the gross weight of the bus is 12,300kg. The seating capacity of the bus is 33+1.

The system of the bus

This city bus equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission gearbox. The clutch of the bus is φ362 diaphragm spring clutch. The suspension of the bus is leaf spring suspension with a stabilizer bar. The braking system of the bus is a dual circuit pneumatic brake, energy storage spring parking brake; ABS is available also. Tires equipped in this city are 225/70R19.5, the max vehicle speed of the city bus is 80km per hour.

The engine of the bus

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