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Great high torque engine with a marvelous performance of minibus taxi service from KINGSTAR

Nowadays, traditional 5seats (including driver seat) taxis can not satisfy the demands of the small group outgoing service. Then minibus taxi service gradually appeared as citizen’s needs.

The origin of the taxi

Speaking of the taxi, do you know the origin of the taxi?

One night in the early spring of 1907, a rich boy named Aaron went to see an opera on Broadway in New York with his girlfriend. At the end of the activity, he called the carriage and asked the driver how much it cost to the destination. Even though it is only half miles away from the theatre, but the driver asked for a 10times price for it. Aaron argued with the driver and was knocked to the ground by the driver.

When Aaron recovered from his wound, he thought of a way to “revenge” back, using the automobile to squeeze and straddle the carriage. He invited a friend who repaired clocks and watches to design a logging meter, and named the taxi “Taxi-Car”. Which is the origin of the “taxi” that is now used all over the world. “Taxi” first appeared on the streets of New York on October January 1907.  

Traditional taxis can only load four passengers. You may wave your hand to stop the taxi or telephone reservation or you may book it from the internet or APP nowadays.  

For some other people, such as small travel groups or company activities and etc. They need more seats than traditional taxis, you may need a minibus taxi service at this time.

Minibus taxi from KINGSTAR

Recently, a lot of our clients are searching for this kind of minibus taxi as they need to provide minibus taxi service for their clients, especially minibus taxi service (minibus taxi rental company).  

BG6 16-20seats minibus taxi service

minibus taxi service

For these two minibus taxis, one is 5.4m and another is 6m with different seat capacities.

① 5.4m BG5 models, we have two different widths of the minibus, though the seating capacity will also different. Below specifications for your reference:

servicio de taxi minibús

② 6m BG6 model, is a left-hand driving minibus taxi. The dimension of the minibus taxi is 5,995 * 1,880 * 2,285mm, the wheelbase of the minibus taxi is 3,720mm. The seating capacity of the minibus taxi is 20seats (including the driver seat), the material of the seats is imitation leather. Below detailed engine specifications for your reference:

minibus taxi service

As the popularity of minibus taxi service, if you need any minibus taxi catalog and price list, please feel free to contact us.



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