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Great news about imported spare parts from automotive parts companies in Vietnam

Recently, there is great news about importing spare parts from automotive parts companies in Vietnam.

automotive parts companies

Imported spare parts for domestic automobile production in Vietnam will be subject to zero tariffs until 2027.

Preferential tax policies for imported auto parts can help auto companies to increase their production capacity. And make new plans to invest in production lines. And resume production and reassemble some models that were previously discontinued in Vietnam.

Vietnam has issued a regulation that gives five-year zero import tariff preferential treatment to auto parts from automotive parts companies. It is not made in Vietnam but imported into Vietnam for automobile assembly and manufacturing.

In order to strengthen the support for the automobile industry. In May 2020, the Vietnamese government officially passed a regulation to impose zero tariffs on imported parts and materials used in the automobile industry by 2024.

Vietnam’s Saigon Economic Online reported on November 22nd that the Vietnamese government decided to extend the preferential tax policy for domestic production and assembly of automobiles to December 31st, 2027.

Before the end of 2027, the imported spare parts for the production and assembly of domestic automobiles from automotive parts companies will enjoy a 0% tariff preference.

Specifically, it is an enterprise that has the automobile manufacturing and assembly qualification certificate issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam. And meets the MFN import tax rate for spare parts, models, output, emissions, preferential consideration period, information, and procedural conditions. Imported auto parts that can’t be produced in China enjoy zero tariff preference.

Spare parts from automotive parts companies are available for us.

automotive parts companies

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