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Taxi, such as minibus taxi, do you know the origin of the word?  Let’s learn more.

Origin of Taxi:

Taxi, such as minibus taxi, is a car for temporary employment, and they are usually paying the cost according to mileage or time. English “taxi” is The abbreviation of “taximeter” means “taximeter” or “odometer”.

Minibus taxi

In fact, the provenance of the taxi has a lot of origins. As early as the 18th century, if a wealthy Englishman wanted to take a short trip, he would often hire a cabriolet. The word Cabriolet comes from a French verb meaning “to jump”. In the 19th century, people began to use the abbreviated form of the word “cab” to refer to the large horse-drawn carriages exclusively for rent in the city. Today we often say catching a cab (catching a cab) came from this.

In addition, the taxis at that time were also called hackneys or hacks, derived from the French word haquenee (horse horse). Today, taxi drivers in many cities are still called hackies.

The evolution of taxi:

Of course, there is no free lunch in the world, and it costs money to take a Taxi, such as a minibus taxi. In the early days, taxi drivers collected fares based on estimated distances. But by the late 19th century, someone invented a taximeter that can automatically measure the actual distance traveled by a vehicle. This word is from the French taximeter and meter (equivalent to English tariff and meter). It was precisely because of the invention and application of the taximeter that taxis, such as minibus taxi was quickly called taxicab, or taxi for short. The word is spelled the same in English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian.

The word “打的” is not a native word in modern Chinese but is from Cantonese. Taxi, such as minibus taxi, appeared earlier in Hong Kong and Guangdong, where the economy is more developed, so there is a corresponding term for “take a taxi” in Cantonese. With the development of the economy, a new thing such as Taxi, such as minibus taxi has also become a need of social life in the Mainland, and the saying “Taxi” has spread to the Mainland. However, the idea of “taking a taxi” spread to the mainland and it became a “fighting”. Then, how did this difference between “riding” and “fighting” come about? This may be related to the sound and meaning of the two.

The 7th edition of “Modern Chinese Dictionary”: [Taxi] chū zū chē A car for temporary employment, often charged by mileage or time. Also called Taxi, such as minibus taxi.  

On the Internet, taxi also means “too a pity”.

One night in the early spring of 1907, Aaron and his girlfriend went to New York Broadway to watch an opera. When the game was over, he calls for a carriage and asks the driver how much it would cost. Although it was only half a mile away from the theater, the coachman was asking for prices, 10 times more than usual. Feeling too outrageous, Aaron quarreled with the coachman and was knocked to the ground by the coachman. After Aaron recovered from his injury, in order to avenge the coachman, he imagined using a car to squeeze the straddle. Later, he invited a friend who repaired clocks to design a meter and named the taxi “taxi-car”. This is the origin of the “taxi” (taxi) commonly used in the world. On October 1, 1907, “taxi” first appeared on the streets of New York.

Taxi, such as minibus taxis do not carry many passengers. In addition to raising hands to greet you, you can also make reservations by phone. Now you can also make reservations online.

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