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Brief introduction of automatic minibus

What’s automatic vehicle, such as automatic minibus?

Generally, an automatic transmission (AT) is for adjusting the vehicle speed, such as automatic minibus. The control system of the automatic transmission automatically selects the appropriate gear according to the engine speed. And load during driving, thus replacing the subjective judgment of the timing and shifting operations.  In layman’s terms, automatic vehicle, including automatic minibus, is a kind of “dumb car.”

automatic minibus

The unique feature of automatic minibus:

Automatic vehicle, including automatic minibus usually uses hydraulic transmission to replace the mechanical clutch of manual transmission car. So there is no clutch pedal. When the engine speed is low, the torque transmission by the liquid is in limitation. Not enough to propel the car forward. When the joystick is in the forward gear and the brake pedal is releasing, when the fuel is adding and the engine speed increases, the transmitting torque increases, pushing the car forward.

Comparing the automatic vehicle with a high level of manual transmission vehicle. Under the same driving conditions, the automatic vehicle, including automatic minibus generally costs about 6-10% of the fuel. While the automatic vehicle, including automatic minibus, is the fuel consumption. It is higher than a manual transmission car of the same model. It is about 1 liter higher per 100 kilometers. In terms of car costs, the cost of automatic transmissions is higher than the cost of manual transmissions of the same model. Its advantage over manual gearboxes is that it is easier to drive. 

There are two main types of automatic transmissions in automobiles.

One is a stepped automatic transmission, and the other is a continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT). The most commonly used in cars is a mechanical continuously variable transmission. It uses a V-shaped metal transmission belt or transmission chain on the active and passive working wheels. Torque is transmitted in the V-shaped groove. This type of transmission is usually adopting in smaller vehicles.

General automatic vehicle, including automatic minibus gear boxes have P, R, N, D, 3, 2, and 1 gears:

①P parking gear.

When the vehicle, including the automatic minibus, is parked, the gear selector must put into the P position.

②R reverse gear.

③N neutral.

The N position is equivalent to neutral and can be used when starting or when towing.

④D forward gear.

Put the gear selector in the D position during normal driving. And the car can automatically shift gears between gears 1 to 3 or 4, 5. D gear is the most common gear that is adopting.

⑤3 is also a forward gear.

In this gear, the gearbox automatically switches between gears 1-3 and will not rise to gears 4 and 5. 2 means 1st or 2nd gear. This gear is for starting on wet and slippery roads or as a limiting gear when moving forward at a slow speed. 1 means 1st gear. In this gear, the gearbox is in first gear. Some cars have S or L gears,

⑥S sport mode (sport) In this gear.

The gearbox can shift gears freely, but the chance of shifting gears is delayed. It keeps the engine at high speed for a long time and increases the power of the vehicle.

⑦L low gear.

In this gear, the gearbox will remain in the first gear without upshifting, and it can be used in situations such as slopes. It also has a certain braking function when going downhill. Some cars have a D2 gear, called a low-speed forward gear, which is used on bad roads or off-road. There is also a snowflake button on the gearbox, OD OFF button, and so on.

⑧The snowflake button.

It means it is used to start on wet and slippery roads. When this button is pressed, the vehicle will not start from the 1st gear. But from the 2nd gear to reduce the torque output and prevent the vehicle from slipping when starting on the slippery road.

⑨OD OFF button

It means the highest gear is prohibited. Vehicles with this button often don’t have D3. Because pressing this button, the highest gear (4-speed gearbox) 4th gear has been forbidden to use. And its function is equivalent to D3.

Convenience is the selling point of automatic minibus:

When modern automatic vehicles, including automatic minibus, are driving, the driver only needs to control the accelerator pedal. And the computer analyzes the detected engine throttle opening and vehicle speed signals through some sensors. And automatically controls the transmission or shifts the transmission into different gears. Generally speaking, the automatic transmission will lose the power of the engine.

The biggest advantage of the automatic vehicle, especially in traffic jams, or when the traffic jam is a big uphill, the advantage of an automatic transmission is more obvious. Nowadays, automatic vehicles, including automatic minibus is becoming more and more popular. From the perspective of advanced countries in automobile development, most vehicles have transitioned to automatic transmission. Automatic transmission instead of manual transmission becomes the main model of daily driving is the trend of automobile development.  

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