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What kind of party van will you choose if you want to have a party? What kind of party van your friends or family members will like? How about your requirements for the party van you are going to buy?

1. The influence of automobile

Among the great inventions that have influenced the course of human history, the most brilliant is the electric light and the automobile. The light liberates the eyes from darkness. On the other hand, automobile really makes human beings step towards civilization.

Party Van

Since the birth of the automobile, it has been endowed with the values and emotional needs of human culture. With the deeper understanding and value of automobiles, people have a deeper spiritual pursuit, and automobile culture arises at the historic moment.

2. The special representation of automobile

Each culture has its own unique form of expression and connotation. Party van reflects the development of the automobile industry. It is undoubtedly that is another form of expression to show the automobile culture.

3. The origin of party van

It was started from the United States which started calling as tailgate party. It means to find a large space, people open the rear door of the car and park it side by side, sometimes in a circle. At this party, people sit in the trunk, eating, drinking, play games or listen to a concert. Generally speaking, the models that participate in this party are mainly hatchback, SUV and wagon.   

4. The development of party minivan

With the higher popularization of automobile, people not only satisfied with the function of driving. People hope more functions of automobile being discovered. People hope automobile is a vehicle that not only can makes people enjoy the driving fun, but also a place to relax themselves. A lot of functions has gradually explored to satisfy the demands of multifunction and comfortable, that includes party van.

Party van, from the name you can tell the usage of this vehicle. One of the most important component is the atmosphere light. As the name suggests, in order to create the interior atmosphere and design of the lamp source. Imagine the moment you open the door, the interior lines of the vehicle are outlined by lights, but when you sit in, you just like in a big city with bright lights. Meanwhile, play a song, that feeling is absolutely unparalleled.

5. Multifunction demands of automobile

The Chinese meaning is multi-purpose vehicle, is the new model developed in 1980’s.  Some people also called it “full function car”. The multifunction vehicle evolved from the sedan. Usually directly using the sedan engine and chassis, front-wheel drive. Larger than regular car, it has roomy interior space and can seat five to nine people. Because uses car chassis, comfort is better than general light passenger bus. Plus the interior equipment and decoration are the same with passenger cars, it is a higher grade vehicle than light passenger bus. The price is also more expensive compares light passenger bus and ordinary passenger car.  



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