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The Realization of the Carbon Neutrality of the Minibus Car Is from Our Buses Factory

With the increase of global environmental protection pressure, the concept of carbon neutrality has attracted more and more attention from all parties. The minibus car should also launch a carbon-neutral strategy.

In the field of minibus cars, component manufacturers should continue to develop diversified powertrain solutions to help China’s auto industry, including minibus cars. This achieves their peak carbon emissions ahead of schedule and helps the manufacturing industry to achieve carbon neutrality.

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Green and low-carbon are the key words for high-quality industrial development. Some multinational automobile companies have formulated a carbon-neutral technology roadmap. So far, no domestic automobile company has achieved this.

People hoping that domestic minibus car manufacturers can formulate relevant technical roadmaps as soon as possible.

The current automotive industry is facing the subversion and reshaping of the entire industry. Under this situation, the minibus brand must be truly internationally recognized. Also, cannot rely solely on the original product model. On the one hand, it must shape the high-end influence of the product and form the quality. On the other hand, it is necessary to form a breakthrough in the field of intelligence through pure electricity and new energy.

Climate protection has become a global topic. The Chinese government clearly stated that “we strive to reach the peak of carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2060”.

The role of car companies in reducing carbon emissions cannot be ignored. Minibusses should achieve carbon peaking and carbon neutrality as soon as possible to be more attractive to consumers. At least the following measures must be taken:

1. Accelerate the electrification of the model lineup.

   It minibus car manufacturers should put forward a new strategy aimed at accelerating the electrification offensive. It realizing the full electrification of new models. Also launching a strategic plan for minibusses to effectively protect the climate as soon as possible. This will become a real competitive advantage for minibus manufacturers. Because sustainability will become a key factor for business success.

2. Reduce carbon emissions in the supply chain and production process.

  • While ensuring the green use of vehicles, minibus manufacturers should also focus on the decarbonization process of the production and supply chain. More sustainable components should be used in the components of pure electric vehicles, including battery casings made of green aluminum. Etc., as well as tires, produced using low-emission processes. Through the use of a variety of key components, we continue to optimize the carbon footprint of the minibus. Moreover, greatly reduce the carbon dioxide emissions of each minibus.
  • In terms of new car projects, minibus manufacturers should regard carbon dioxide emissions as an important evaluation criterion for signing contracts with component suppliers. In this way, they should work with component suppliers to gradually optimize their carbon footprint and ensure the sustainability of the supply chain. Moreover, to implement a clear decarbonization strategy in internal production.

Faced with the increasingly severe global climate, it is imperative for minibus car manufacturers to achieve carbon neutrality.

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