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One of The Most Reliable EV manufacturers – KINGSTAR Minibus

There are many EV manufacturers in China especially when our government fully supports subsidies for new energy vehicles (electric vehicles). The subsidy program has played an important role in the country’s booming market for new energy vehicles. For purchasing new energy cars, tax cuts and subsidies worth tens of thousands of RMB are more than you could see.

Policies to popularize for EV manufacturers

New energy vehicles are the concern of consumers. And the subsidy policy of new energy vehicles is more concerned, how much do you know about these? The central government will allocate funds to give comprehensive rewards to demonstration cities. The funds are mainly for the construction of charging facilities and etc. Tianjin became the pilot city of national demonstration and promotion of energy-saving and new energy vehicles in 2010.

Up to now, Tianjin has demonstrated and promoted nearly 500 new energy vehicles (electric vehicles) in the public service field. Includes 247untis pure electric vehicles, 232units hybrid electric vehicles, and over 20,000units LNG buses, heavy trucks, and CNG cars. By the year 2020, there are 71 power changing stations; 5 vehicle charging stations; 3 centralized battery charging stations; 30 battery distribution stations; 16,000 AC charging piles; and 132 filling stations. The new energy vehicle subsidy policy will be expanded and popularized.

At this moment, the global new energy of electric vehicles is still under development. But there are always new hot topics in the market, and they are constantly being created and pushed to the forefront. It is important to remember that the rise and spread of any new technology; since industrial times have never been the result of financial subsidies.

Electric vehicles from one of the EV manufacturers – KINGSTAR

Recently, more and more clients send us inquiries about electric vehicles. Including electric sedans, electric minivans, electric MPV, electric SUVs, electric minibuses, electric trucks and etc; some of our vehicles already applied for CE certification and are available in both LHD and RHD versions. Today we will share one of our new electric minivans.

Model EVC5 is a 7 to 11 seats electric minivan. The overall dimension of this electric minivan is 4,330 * 1,650 * 1,915mm; the wheelbase of the electric minivan is 2,850mm. The ground clearance of the electric minivan is 160mm; the curb vehicle weight of the electric minivan is 1,175kg, the gross vehicle weight of the electric minivan is 1,865kg. Seating capacity will depend on your own requirements. The max speed of the electric minivan is over 80km per hour, and the slope climbing requirement is over 20. The max range of pure electricity is over 350km. For this electric minivan, we equipped both fast charge (2-4 hours for 20-80%) and slow charge (8-9 hours for 20-100%). It is an LFP battery of a permanent magnet synchronous motor type.

EV manufacturers

This electric minivan is our new vehicle and will be ready in the first quarter of the year 2022. If you are interested in this electric minivan, please send us your inquiry freely. For other types of electric vehicles, you could also send us (one of the most reliable EV manufacturers in China) for more detailed catalog and price list.



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