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Great Minibus Sale from KINGSTAR In A Big Promotion

Minibus sale from KINGSTAR is quite popular in many countries. Recently KINGSTAR did big promotions in many commercial vehicles.

1. The definition of commercial vehicle

Commercial vehicles (includes minibus sale), this concept with the development of automobile industry has been known by people. National and international has their own standard of the concept of commercial vehicles. How’s the definition in China? According to the revised version of ISO3833, automobiles will be divided into two parts of future automobiles: passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles. A commercial vehicle is an automobile designed and technologically defined to transport people and goods. 

Since 2005, China’s automobile industry has implemented a new model statistical classification. In contrast to the old classification, commercial vehicles include all trucks and passenger cars with more than nine seats. In the old classification, the chassis of the vehicle was included in the vehicle statistics. While different in the new classification, the chassis is listed separately. They are the incomplete vehicle or bus (bus chassis) and the incomplete vehicle or truck (truck chassis) respectively. Commercial vehicles can separate into buses, trucks, semi-trailer tractors, buses but not complete vehicles, and trucks not complete vehicles. It is a total of five categories. Throughout the industry media, the concept of a commercial vehicle is defined primarily in terms of its usage. Commercial vehicles are used to be divided into buses and trucks.

2. Passenger vehicle

The definition of passenger vehicle: Depends on the design and technical characteristics, mainly used on the transport of people and their luggage or occasional cargo transport. Including the driver, the seating capacity will not exceed 9 seats.

3. The classification of regular commercial vehicles

3.1 The classification of a bus normally classified depends on the length of the vehicle, seat capacity, and detailed classification. Divided into large, medium, and minibus sales.

3.2 Regular commercial vehicles included: Pick-up, micro truck, light truck, minibus, dump truck, goods truck, tractors, trailers, and special vehicles.

4. Product introduction of minibus sale

We KINGSTAR is an auto supplier from China and we have sole vehicles to more than 90 countries in the past 18years. All our exported products have been proved to be strongly marketable in overseas markets with good quality and reasonable pricing. While, over the years, we have worked with some of the biggest industry leaders in their respective fields.

Model BG series is a 16~20 seat minibus, it is one of our most popular models. So far we are doing promotion on this model, which is quite reasonable.

4.1. Firstly, let’s check the exterior of the minibus of BG models.

We have two front faces for selections, one is 5.4 meters and another is 5.99 meters. We have 15~17 seats of BG5-X for a 5.4-meter minibus; for 5.99 meters, the seating capacity will be 18~20 of model BG6.

Below is our standard face 1 which with front fog lamp.

minibus sale

This is face 2 which is our optional choice, without the front fog lamp on the minibus sale.

minibus sale

4.2. Secondly, the interior of the minibus sale

With a classic black dashboard and gray seats, this match is quite classic and simple. BG6 has the most simple looking but “not simple” specifications.

minibus sale

4.3. Thirdly, the specifications of BG5-X 15~17 seats minibus sale

This is a left-hand driving minibus, the dimension of the minibus is 5,440*1,880*2,285mm, the wheelbase is 3,110mm, the seating capacity is 17 seats. The material of the seat is artificial leather.

4.4. Fourthly, the engine of BG5-X minibus sale

The model of the engine is DK4B, fuel type is diesel. Below detailed information for your reference.

minibus sale

4.5 The chassis of BG5-X minibus sale

4.6. 5.99meter minibus sale introduction:

This minibus model we called BG6-X with 18~20 seat capacity. It is also a left-hand driving minibus. The dimension of the minibus is 5,995 * 1,880 * 2,285mm, the wheelbase is 3,720mm. Our standard is 20 seats (including driver seat), the material of the seat is imitation leather.

4.7. The engine of BG6-X minibus sale

We have two engine models on this minibus. Below for your reference.

minibus sale

Different emission of the minibus could meet different countries or regions standard requirements.

4.8. Finally, the chassis of BG6-X minibus sale

  • The equipment of BG5-X and BG6-X minibus sale is the same. From the below equipment chart you can tell that, although the price during the promotion is quite cheap, the equipment is not “cheap” at all. The equipment on these minibusses is higher than the same level minibus sale at this price.



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