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The Practical And Attractive Limousine Bus From KINGSTAR

If you search on the internet what is limousine bus? Various pictures and types of limousine buses will come out.

1. The rise of limousine bus

Limousine bus normally refers those vehicles over 6m passenger buses. The transport distance of large passenger cars is as much as hundreds of kilometers, and some carriages are all set with seats, some of them with beds, so they are commonly known as “sleepers”. And with luggage compartments or compartments to store passengers’ carry-on luggage.

Limousine Bus

With the improvement of people’s living standard, houses, cars, electronic products, are essential to every family. And then we have higher and higher requirements for these things, such as mobile phones, from the original phone of receive and call out to the current smartphone. Internet, video, photo, cars, etc., For cars, the original requirements of simply drive on the road to the requirements of the shape, exterior, performance, fuel consumption, luxury interior, luxury seating, etc., Therefore, the automobile industry also constantly upgrade and update the configuration and appearance and other related features. What’s more, under the impact of this kind of circumstance, some of the enterprises still doing very good. They can always respond to the needs of the people, survive in the big wave market. Therefore, limousine buses rise in response to the proper time and conditions.

Limousine Bus

2. Information of limousine bus

Today I am going to share with you one of our limousine bus models of Y14. This bus is a pioneering masterpiece of one-and-a-half floor series for road and tourism passenger transport. Stars outside the bus just like a fairy tale, quite special and beautiful. Which brings a good mood for a long journey. 

2.1 The characteristics of the minibus Y14

2.1.1 This limousine bus with a lot of advantages, such as U-style monocoque body structure, high strength sheradizing steel, golden power assembly, etc., It has lead the trend of coach market.

2.2.2 The design of lightweight body structure, star cloud smart bus operation system, and other technological applications reduce energy consumption efficiently. In the meanwhile, comparting to traditional vehicle type, the elaborate design of one-and-a-half floor enhancing six seats and the luggage compartment with oversized volume create more promising prospect for profit-making.

Limousine Bus

3. The interior of the minibus Y14

The black color and gray color are a perfect classic color match. The main color of the dashboard and center stack are black and gray color, which is quite simple but classic. All the seats are creamy-white match orange-red color, it is quite a contrast color but looks fashion and fresh. The blue color floor with the light looks like a river under the feet, it is quite comfortable. For the seat material, we have fabric and imitation leather seats.

4. The specifications of the limousine bus Y14

4.1 The dimension of the limousine bus is 13,670 * 2,550 * 3,860mm, the gross weight of the minibus is 22,000kg. The seating capacity is 56 seats (55+1 driver seats). This is a monocoque body structure with a U beam minibus.

4.2 The system of the minibus Y14

   The gearbox of the limousine bus is 6-speed manual transmission. The clutch is φ430 diaphragm spring clutch. The suspension of the minibus is air suspension. The braking system of the bus is a dual circuit pneumatic brake, energy storage spring parking brake, ABS, retarder. The tires using on this bus are 295/80R22.5, the maximum vehicle speed of the bus is 120km per hour.

  • The engine model of this bus is WP 10.375E53, the fuel type is diesel. The displacement of the bus is 9.726L. The rated power of the bus is 276/1900kw/rpm, the maximum torque is 1650/1200-1600 N.m/rpm, the tank of the bus is 260L or larger.

5. The feature of the limousine bus Y14

We have some standard features on this bus, such as integral luggage rack, reading lamp, air outlet, curtain beside the windows, USB port, non-independent roof-mounted A/C, independent water heating, and multiple DVD players (MP5), two 19” LCD monitor. Two monitors would be a good amusement for passengers, especially on their way for a journey. It could help people to enjoy some good time and release themselves.

We could also accept OEM service, logo modification, features customization, and so on. For those unmentioned parameters of the vehicle on the above articles, please feel free to contact us for a detailed catalog and price list.  



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