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These Unknown Knowledge of A Great Midibus

What is midibus? A midibus normally refers to the vehicle of a single-decker minibus. It is generally larger than a regular minibus but smaller than that large bus (full-size single-decker). This kind of midibus is quite popular and common in the United Kingdom.

Bus or city bus, normally are named bus. It is a typical model of the midibus or large bus. It is with commercial vehicles specifically to solve the problem of urban and suburban transportation.


From the aspect of design and technical characteristics of the bus, it is different with larger or midibus models. Such as tourist buses, long journey buses, group passenger buses, and so on. These buses equipped with a passenger seat and channel for passengers to stand up or walk around, the requirement of the stand area is large, car channel, entrances, and exits are wide. It requires two doors or above, and the pedal of the vehicle is quite low. If it is a suburban bus, it is mainly for passenger transport between the middle distance and the town. The seat is more than the city bus, and there should be a luggage compartment or luggage rack.

The origin of the midibus

The origin of the midibus could be traced back to the year 1826. Paris is the first city that uses city bus, the following is London. City bus has a great influence on society and plays a fundamental role in promoting the development of the city. Buses bring citizens closer to each other than ever before, and it has shortened the distance of the city and villages. Also with more frequent travel between each other.

The first city bus route in Qingdao, China could be traced back to 27th June 1907, this is the earliest urban bus line in China. Since then, as the birthplace of China’s road passenger transport, has opened a new history of China’s passenger transportation. As the route is number 49 guantao road, it has naturally become the earliest bus station in China – Guantao Road bus station in July 1910.

In 5th March 1908, the first tram in China, running 6.04 kilometers in Shanhai, marked the birth of modern public transportation in Shanghai. 

The classification of the midibus

The classification of the bus has a lot of types. According to the operation interval, it can seperate into short distance and long-distance bus; According to the different types of fuel, can be divided into oil, gas, and electric buses. While, according to the different model structure, it can seperate into single-layer, double-layer, articulated buses and so on.

In the beginning, most city buses were modified from the chassis of the truck. The chassis of modern city buses are generally designed and manufactured according to the requirements of passenger cars. The cities in developed countries have already implemented unmanned tickets. It was replaced with a cash register or the ticket checking machine. The bus of China except suburban also already basically realized unmanned ticket.

The exclusive road for midibus

The exclusive bus lane belongs to a kind of special right of the way. In the ordinary road, a special lane is to provide bus driving only. Moreover, a passenger waiting platform is for passengers to get on and off at a proper distance or a fork in the main road. Some of the city, for example, Taiwan of China, are putting up extra fences to keep buses and other vehicles away to prevent accidents. In Hong Kong, the main purpose of the establishment of bus lanes is to keep the road surface available for buses during the traffic jam, so as to protect majority of passengers using public transport. In mainland China, whether to set up a bus lane is closely related to the local traffic conditions. Therefore, some cities have designated bus lanes on highways with heavy traffic.

The exclusive road for buses has a limited time. For example, in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Tangshan, some of the exclusive bus lanes allow other vehicles to use except the designated peak time. 

The introduction of the midibus from KINGSTAR

  • The characteristics of the midibus

① Firstly, this front-engine intercity bus is for markets of community and passenger transit.

② Secondly, the high strength structure and energy-saving technology can realize the requirements of safety and energy efficiency.

③ Thirdly, the shape design has the advantages of streamline and wedge shape.

④ Fourthly, it has high performance of great adaptation to different road conditions.

The specification of the midibus C9

This midibus model we called C9 which is semi-monocoque body structure. The dimension of the midibus is 8,880 * 2,380 * 3,200mm. The gross weight is 12,300kg, the seating capacity is 33+1 (driver seat).

The system of the midibus C9


The engine of the midibus C9

The engine model of the midibus is WP4.1NQ170E50, the fuel type of the midibus is diesel. The displacement of the minibus is 4.1L, the rated power of the minibus is 125/2600 kw/rpm, the maximum torque is 600/1300-1900 N.m/rpm, the tank capacity is 160L.

The feature of the midibus C9

Our standard equipment of features as below: integrated inner trimming; curtain; lights; non-independent of roof-mounted A/C; CD player with radio and MP3 USB port.

We could also accept OEM service, logo modification, and features customization. For any unmentioned items above, please feel free to contact with us for a more detailed catalog and price list.



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