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The minivan from KINGSTAR VC4 & VC5 with different advantage

The minivan

The minivan from KINGSTAR VC4 gasoline is reliable and durable.  Also, VC5 electric van is a super heavy load, long battery life, large space, and provincial travel.  Let’s listen to one owner’s story.

VC4 gasoline minivan shows super high reliability and durability after using.

Mr. Li wanted to do his own business.  After some investigation, he decided to buy a cargo van to do vegetable wholesale.  After comparing the models of several 4s stores, Mr. Li finally bought the minivan, KINGSTAR VC4 was the right-hand man to start his career.  During his use, Mr. Li had a high reputation for the minivan.  Six years later, Mr. Li’s career was gradually and steadily rising.  He came to the 4s shop again and praised the VC4 gasoline minivan purchased at that time.  According to the inspection by the staff, the minivan has run more than 400,000 kilometers under the careful care of Mr. Li, which is almost an astronomical figure for ordinary users with 15,000 kilometers a year.  For these 400,000 kilometers, it is enough to show super high reliability and durability, which reflects our minivan’s high-quality car-making technology and attitude.

Buying VC5 electric minivan due to super heavy load, long battery life, large space and provincial travel.

After talking carefully with Mr. Li, the manager learned about his demand and recommended KINGSTAR VC5 electric minibus for him.  Mr. Li calculated the capital in hand and calculated the transportation cost per kilometer, and found that the fuel minivan cost was high, while the use cost of the electric minivan was more cost-effective.  After comparing the appearance space, cost performance and dynamic performance of various brands, Mr. Li chose the minivan.

KINGSTAR VC5 electric minivan, as a “recommended vehicle for urban logistics in China”, has the advantages of zero-emission and no pollution, low cost, large torque, and heavy load, moderate cruising range, etc.  The minivan consumes only 16.1 degrees of electricity per 100 kilometers, saving more than 80% of fuel cost compared with gasoline vehicles.  It is economical, environment-friendly, and energy-saving.  

Size of the minivan is 4,330 (L) × 1,650 (W) × 1,920(H) (mm).  The wheelbase is 2850mm, and its maximum torque reaches 200 Nm.  With its extra-large trunk, its rated load can reach 285-510kg.  In terms of power, it is equipped with a 42.1KW ternary lithium battery which can be fully charged in 3 hours quickly and 10-12 hours slowly.  The rear drive adopts a 360V42W permanent magnet synchronous motor with a maximum speed of 90km.  It can travel 233 kilometers when fully charged with primary electricity, which can fully meet the needs of medium and short-distance transportation.

The minivan with electric has won the “annual brand award of car enterprise trusted by operators and users in China’s new energy automobile industry” for two consecutive years with its product characteristics of super heavy load, super long battery life, super large space, and super-saving travel, and the terminal sales of electric logistics vehicles rank first.

There is a different advantage on the minibus of VC4 gasoline and VC5 electric, which one is suitable for you?



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