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Super Sporty and Great Max Power of SUV Cars from KINGSTAR

We KINGSTAR as a professional automobile exporter of China. Our products range are SUV, MPV, Pickups, Minibuses, Minivans, Trucks, Electric Cars and etc. Today we will share our SUV cars from the characteristics, basic parameter, engine parameter and chassis parameters information of the SUV with you.

Firstly, let’s us clearly what is SUV cars?

SUV are sport-utility vehicles, as opposed to ORV off-road vehicles that can be used on rough terrain. SUV refers to short for sport utility vehicle or suburban utility vehicle. It is a vehicle with the spatial capabilities of a station wagon and the off-road capabilities of a cargo truck.

Secondly, the characteristics of the SUV cars.

SUV is characterized by strong power, cross country, spacious space, comfortable, great cargo capacity and passenger carrying function. Also there are people say, the SUV is the luxury sedan plus the nature of the SUV. Compares with sedan, SUV with greater advantages.

Model S60 SUV with 5seats is one of our hot sale models SUV. The fashionable exterior of the SUV attracted lot of our clients. For this model, we have three versions for client’s consideration. Luxury 1.5L +5MT; Flagship 1.5L + 5MT and Luxury 1.5L + CVT.

SUV cars
SUV cars

The Basic parameter of the SUV cars

The overall dimension of the SUV is 4,360 * 1,830 * 1,680mm, the wheelbase of the SUV is 2,550mm. The body structure of the SUV is 5 doors and 5 seats SUV, the tank volume of the SUV is 50L.

The engine parameter of the SUV cars

It is a gasoline engine SUV, the engine model is GE15A. The displacement is 1.499L. The maximum power of the SUV is 80/6000 kW/RPM. The max torque of the SUV is 145/4000N.m/RPM. The emission standard of the SUV is GB 6b which almost meets every country’s standard. The best fuel consumption of the vehicle is 6.7L per 100km. Which is really a cost saving.

SUV cars

The chassis parameter of the SUV cars

The driving type of the SUV is FF, the front is MacPhereson Struts suspension, the rear is torsion beam semi-independent suspension. The steering assistance of the vehicle is electric power assist. The braking system of the vehicle is vented disc and solid disc. We have electronic parking for this SUV. The tires on this SUV are 205/65R16.

For more details on the equipment of each type, please send us your inquiry freely. Our sales team will get back to you within 24hours.



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