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Our factory produces 7 seater minivan and other type minibuses.  At present, with the new situation that the “Three Guarantees” period of vehicles is about to expire in batches. How to realize the close connection between service and customers? How to promote the mutual promotion between income generation and development has become an urgent problem to be solved? After-sales service department led a group of people to assess the situation, comprehensively study and judge, so to set the idea of “grasping the window to improve quality and building a reputation to win customers”. It is pointed out the breakthrough direction for the next stage of work.  First, let’s talk about the changes, one of the after-sales service stations, including service, standard, and skill.

7 seater minivan

Firstly, service is the awareness of product re-promotion, which has been enhanced.

After-sales service relates to and supports sales.  After-sales service is better, which is more conducive to the promotion of vehicle sales. Based on this depth of understanding can there be a comprehensive change in service.  This service station takes advantage of the morning meeting, pays attention to inculcating and training all service personnel. Correcting those random and cold bad services in the past. So allows standardized and warm-hearted services to infiltrate into all work.  Reception at the front desk, there is a temperature for speech.  Maintenance guarantee, the operation is much more careful.  After settlement and delivery, customers complain less.   the customer really shows that the service has really improved.  After a short week’s efforts and customer feedback, the service staff deeply realized. Good service for 7 seater minivan and other models will bring good returns. The phenomenon of passive change is transforming into active education.

Secondly, the standard is the promotion of image sublimation, strengthened.

Orderly, clean, and comfortable are not only convenient for work but also creates a beautiful working environment for employees. It can more intuitively publicize the image of after-sales service.  

For a long time, we have had no requirement on the appearance and manners of the service personnel. This negligence has also caused everyone to immerse themselves in various tasks unnaturally, and the overall image has declined.  After that, according to the functional division, the service station has been comprehensively arranged and standardized. Such as the reception area, customer rest area, maintenance area, and parts warehouse for 7 seater minivan and other types.  

The standard for placing items on the table has been established. The warehouse accounts have been checked. The rest conditions of the customers are good, and personal instruments and equipment have been completed. Uniform blue half-sleeve jacket and uniform black insulated leather shoes. Uniform wireless headset intercom and subtle changes in every corner make it refreshing.  In particular, the functional equipment of the car washing area has been added. Every customer’s vehicle entering the station is cleaned free of charge. These changes have greatly improved the service image.

Thirdly, skills are the guarantee of comprehensive re-development, which is urgent.

The focus of maintenance is to “repair a car, repair a good car”.  At present, a large part of the new energy vehicles produced in the early stage has failed. Maintenance should be based on itself.  This is an urgent problem before us. How to solve it? It must be fully prepared in advance. The sense of urgency exists unconsciously in the minds of maintenance personnel.  

In view of this situation, this service station adopts the methods is promoting improvement with the old; seeking guidance for difficult diseases; assessing subsidies for upgrading and adjusting gears”.  On the one hand, it pays attention to its own study and research. On the other hand, it coordinates the technical office to provide regular technical training. Ensuring the follow-up guarantee: “don’t scratch your head” in the face of faults. “can’t run away” when customers come, thus providing a strong guarantee for the development of the automobile sector. After-sales service for 7 seater minivan and other minibus is long-term, lasting work, it must be persevered and persisted.  

We will continue to carry forward the spirit of “nailing”. Digging deep into the problems and shortcomings and provide a strong guarantee for the all-round development of our factory.

7 seater minivan

There are KINGSTAR VC4 7 seater minivan and VC5 11 seat minibus with gasoline and electric version from our factory.  VC4 is reliable and durable.  VC5 minibus is a super heavy load and large space.  Which one is suitable for you?  Feel free to contact us.  



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