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The Car Knowledge Tips of 15 Seat Minibus That You Can’t Miss

What do you know about car knowledge? How much do you know the car you are driving?  Today I am going to share some cars (Including 15 seat minibus) knowledge with you.

15 Seat Minibus

You can skillfully drive the car so easily every day, you may tell the name or brand of every automobile (Including 15 seat minibus), know the displacement of each model, the parameter of the car, and so on. You may probably proud of the knowledge and skills that you all knew. Today I am going to tell you some tips of car knowledge, you may certainly feel is an eye-opening experience.

1. Identify the direction of the tank cap from the dashboard

A lot of people met this kind of situation while refueling, maybe you knew which side is the gas cap. While once ask you to determine the direction, you are not so sure. Actually, it is very simple for you to know which side the fueling port is. But no one will tell you on intention. Most vehicle (Including 15 seat minibus) combinations have a fuel tank marker on the dashboard. Near the tank marker, there is an arrow that points to the side on which the fuel tank is located.

2. Gearbox unlock key

There is an unobtrusive small key near the automatic transmission model block. What is the key used for? Pressing this button while your car turned off, will switch the gears from one gear to another. For example, if the car breaks down and the engine wouldn’t catch the fire. Pressing this button will push the gears from P to N, making it easier to tow the car.

3. Airbags have a lifespan  

Theoretically speaking, the lifespan of the airbag is the same as the vehicle. However, it is not that long as real, although there is no clear shelf life. And the quality of airbags is difficult to guarantee even if they do not detonate after 8-10 years. There is an OBD self-inspection of the car, including airbag system inspection. If the indicator light of the airbag always flashing after you starting the car about 6 to 8 seconds. It may tell you there is a malfunction of your airbags, you may need to check your car soon. Make sure safety is always the most important thing for driving a car.

After sharing the tips for using your vehicle, I am going to introduce our model of a 15 seat minibus for you today.

4. Background and capability of our factory

Our factory has the automobile manufacturing experience of 70years, companied almost half-century of China Automobile Industry. Our mission is to provide first-class mass transportation life around the world; Customer satisfaction is our aim. We always keep this aim in heart and always working hard on it. We have two production base, it covers a total area of 100,000 square meters. Mainly produce new energy bus, pure electric bus and Euro V emission bus (Including 15 seat minibus). Our products exported to Europe, United States, Australia, Africa, and other countries. Our production capacity nearly 30,000 units, we have a domestic first-class bus production line and product research and development laboratory.

5. Brief introduction of model Y6 15 seat minibus

● Firstly, the world-renowned Austrian ECS company provided this 15 seat minibus. With the whole system optimization review and adjustment including transmission, steering, suspension, braking, etc.

● Secondly, Monocoque body with the world-class electrophoresis production line. We can ensure this minibus skeleton works for 10 years without rust.

● Finally, safety and performance testing under extreme conditions prove that this 15 seat minibus can ensure reliability. This is including the hot region, plateau, and cold region.

a. The specification of Y6 15 seat minibus

These are the highlight of our model Y6 15 seat minibus. The dimension of Y6minibus is 5915*2040*2632mm high roof, which means you will have more space when you step in the car than ordinary cars, the wheelbase is 3665mm, the seating capacity will be 7-16 seater minibus, our standard is 14 seats (1+3+3+3+4, without side sling door), the seats are optional choice, you can make it to minibus or any seats that you want. The system of the gearbox is 6-speed manual transmission, the suspension is front of Macpherson independent, the rear is leaf spring suspension, and for the brake, it is front/back disc brake, ABS + EBD, the max vehicle speed is 120kw/h. For engine details, you may refer to the below chart:

Above is the detailed specification of Y6 15 seat minibus.

b. Here is the features of Y6 15 seat minibus, please refer to below chart.

For more detailed features of comfort and convenience and optional equipment but you haven’t seen it on our chart, please just feel free to contact with me for more detailed information.

Sure, I am going to share more car knowledge with you, please focus on our website, we will irregularly update car knowledge and car models for you. 



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