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Look At The Useful Microbus for Sale in Nowadays From KINGSTAR

With the rapid development of national economy, car (Including SUV, MVP, microbus for sale and etc) has changed from “luxury” of the family to a “necessity” of every modern family. As a user of your “car”, how much do you know about its origin? Today, I am going to find out more about it with you!

1. What is a “Car” (Including SUV, MVP, microbus for sale and etc)?

It was driven by power, the non-track-supported vehicle with four or more wheels, mainly used to carry a person and/or cargo; towing vehicles to carrying person and/or cargo; This is the definition from “Terms and Definitions of Automobile and Trailer Types” according to our national standard.

2. The invention of first automobile in the world

The first vehicle in the world was developed by German Karl Benz in October 1885. Applied patent of the invention of the car from German Patent Office on 29th January 1886. Then, it was officially authorized in 2nd November the same year. Therefore, the date of 29th January 1886 is recognized as the birth date of the automobile in the world. Some of the famous brand patent certificate also became the first automobile patent certificate of the world.

This is the first three-wheeled automobile in the world. This car is using a 0.9 horsepower single-cylinder two-stroke engine; spark ignition; water-cooled circulation; steel tube body; leaf spring suspension; rear-wheel drive; front-wheel steering, and brake handle.

Now I am going to introduce the first four-wheeled automobile in the world! In 1885, Gottlieb Daimler from German invented the first four-wheeled automobile. Daimler modified the horse-car, increased steering and transmission devices, and installed a 1.1kw internal combustion engine and four wheels, the speed achieved 14.4km/h at that time.

Benz and Daimler are recognized as the inventors of the modern automobile, which is powered by the internal combustion engine. Their invention and creation became the most important milestone in the history of automobile development. Therefore, they are honored known as “Fathers of the Automobile”.

After that, more and more ideas and creations invented on the four-wheeled automobile. And till now, talented people still working on it as today’s needs is different. Moreover, people become more and more strict on their buying of vehicles (Including SUV, MVP, microbus for sale and etc).

3. The power of the vehicle :

The power we are talking about is the speed or ability of an automobile to carry goods or passengers, this is one of the most important performance indexes. The better the dynamic performance of the vehicle (Including a microbus for sale), the more effective driving speed and the greater the transportation productivity. The main indicators to measure the dynamic performance of the vehicle are speed, acceleration ability, climbing ability, power, and torque.

Microbus for Sale

When a vehicle (Including a microbus for sale) driving fast in the shortest possible time, the energy makes it up to the fast speed, this is the acceleration. This can embody the dynamic capability of the vehicle. For cars , if you need a certain speed to start a car to meet the need of timing, and to assess depends on the time, it means the shorter time the stronger dynamic performance of the vehicle. For those vehicles (Including microbus for sale) in urban transport, acceleration capacity is the most important indicator or standard in the power performance index of transport vehicles.

4. The introduction of VC4 7-8 seats microbus for sale

After knowing the history, origin, and invention of the vehicle, I am going to show you a model of our model VC4 7-8 seat microbus for sale. Which can meet your different demands for driving, seating, and loading.

Microbus for Sale

a. Firstly, the specifications of VC4 7-8 seats microbus for sale.

This modular space design maximum took the advantage of limited space to meet the demands of driving, seating, and loading. The engine is sourcing from SUZUKI, load emission, low fuel consumption, low noise, and high reliability is the highlight of the VC4 7-8 seat microbus for sale. 

The fuel type of VC4 7-8 seat minibus is gasoline; car dimension is 4010*1620*1915mm, the wheelbase is 2700mm, seating capacity is 7-8 seats. (We have more or less seats vehicles option also). For the system, we are using a 5-speed manual for this VC4 7-8 seat microbus for sale. And we are using the SUZUKI engine. For more detailed information about the parameter, please refer to the below chart.

b. Secondly, the feature of VC4 7-8 seats microbus for sale

Normally, the feature of a vehicle has standard equipment and optional choice. Without exception, the standard feature of VC4 7-8 seat microbus for sale is Radio + MP3 player USB port; engine tachometer; steel wheels + wheel covers; manual rearview mirrors; electric power steering; front fog light which always helping drivers to keep safe on foggy days, rainy days; snow days and etc, high-mount brake lamp, front disc rear drum brake, steering column lock, and power front windows. For optional choice, we have front & rear A/C; alloy wheels; airbags for driver & co-driver; almost all of our clients will choose this option on their microbus for sale. ABS+EBD also is an optional choice.

This is the brief introduction of our model VC4 7-8 seat microbus for sale. For more specific needs or requests accommodated that you didn’t see from our chart, please feel free to contact me.  



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