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Minibus Car Manufacturers That Start with K – KINGSTAR Minibus

Sometimes people are forgettable, for example, you are searching for a professional automobile exporter from China, you only remember the first letter of the brand name. How do you do? You could try from the internet that minibus car manufacturers that start with K, KINGSTAR will appear in front of your eyes. We KINGSTAR is a professional automobile exporter from China that with exporting experience of 18 years. In the past 18 years, we have exported our products to over 90 countries and regions. And all of our products are highly welcomed by our clients.

Electric minibus and fuel type minibus from minibus car manufacturers that start with K – KIGNSTAR minibus

Firstly, let’s start from our electric minibuses

Everyone knows that electric car is a great trend for the automobile industry in the world. Most countries are now adjusting the direction of fuel automobiles into electric vehicles. In order to protect the environment to make people have a better life and better living environment. Today let’s take a look at what kind of minibus that KINGSTAR could supply us?

Hot sale J series minibus

This is one of our very hot sale J series minibus, this series minibus especially has a great sale in South Africa, Malaysia, and Singapore market. This series minibus is both available in LHD and RHD versions. Model EJ5 is a length 5.4m minibus with 13 seats, it could be from 13 to 16 seats depending on the client’s needs. Model EJ6 is a length 5.99m minibus with 16 seats, it could be from 16 to 18 seats depending on the client’s requirements.

Minibus Car Manufacturers That Start with K

The battery is one of the most important parts of electric vehicles, the battery brand we equipped on these minibusses is EVE brand. The battery type is LFP battery, it is an intelligent centralized battery management system. We have DC fast charge, the charging ratio is 1C and slow charging (6.6kw onboard battery charger). The braking system of the electric vehicles is the front disc rear drum, both ABS + EBD are available, also vacuum booster system. The suspension of the electric vehicles is front double-wishbone independent suspension and rear is variable-rate leaf spring (five pcs).

Secondly, is our fuel type minibuses

Model Y6 and Y7 are our hot sale fuel-type minibusses. It is the same Y series product with different lengths and different seat capacities.

Minibus Car Manufacturers That Start with K

Model Y6 with length 5.9m, the wheelbase is 3,665mm, our standard seat is 14 seats. Model Y7 with length 7.5m, the wheelbase is 4,325mm, our standard seat is 20 seats including the driver seat. For model Y6 we have both gasoline and diesel engine, model Y7 only have a diesel engine for your kind consideration.

It is worth mentioning that this series minibus is the world-renowned Austrian ECS company that provided the whole system optimization review and adjustment. Including transmission, steering, suspension, braking and etc. The monocoque body with the world-class electrophoresis production line. We can ensure these minibusses’ skeleton works for 10 years without rust. The safety and performance testing under extreme conditions proves that these minibuses can ensure reliability. No matter in a hot region, plateau, or cold region. We KINGSTAR as a reliable and professional automobile exporter of China. We have many kinds of minibuses from 7 seats to 23 seats. Don’t forget to search the car manufacturers that start with K – KINGSTAR minibus.



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