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The automobile industry, including minibus UK, is a very important position in the world

Firstly, do you know the automobile industry, including minibus UK?

The automobile industry is one of the major industrial sectors in the UK. And the fourth largest automobile producer in Europe.  The automobile industry is composed of the whole vehicle, parts manufacturing, and automobile trade (including retail, wholesale, and after-sales service).  It leads the development trend of the British manufacturing industry in manufacturing, procurement, research and development, logistics, and other fields. And is the main force to improve the British manufacturing industry.  Britain’s automobile and parts industry is an important automobile consumption market in the world and Europe. Including minibus UK, and its market capacity ranks third in Europe.

Secondly, the British automobile production status

According to the data released by the International Automobile Manufacturers Organization (OICA). The British automobile production reached 1.09 million in 2009, including minibus UK. Accounting for 1.8% of the global automobile production. Ranking 12th in the world and 4th in European countries, only after Germany, Spain, and France.  Among them, passenger car production accounted for 2.1% of the total global passenger car production in 2009. Ranking 10th in the world and 4th in European countries, second only to Germany, France, and Spain.  The output of commercial vehicles accounts for 0.6% of the total output of commercial vehicles in the world. Including minibus UK, ranking 19th in the world and 7th in European countries. Second only to Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, and Turkey.

Per the data released by UK Trade and Investment Agency (UKTI). There are 820,000 employees in the UK automobile industry. Including 180,000 employees engaged in automobile manufacturing and 640,000 employees engaged in the automobile supply chain, sales, and service. The output of passenger cars in the UK was 999,000 in 2009, down 30.9% from last year. Furthermore, the output of commercial vehicles is 90,000 vehicles, including minibus UK, down by 55.3% compared with last year.  The export of passenger cars and commercial vehicles accounts for 76.3% and 77.5% of the total output respectively.  The export of automobiles and parts accounts for 11% of the total export of Britain. Which is exported to more than 100 countries or regions.

Thirdly, how many automobile enterprise in British?

As per the data released by the National Bureau of Statistics (ONS). There were 3,319 British automobile industry enterprises in 2008. Including minibus UK, accounting for 2.5% of the total number of British manufacturing enterprises. Among them, there are 752 vehicle and engine manufacturers; 1,673 parts manufacturers; 894 body manufacturers; and 201 automobile electronic products manufacturers. The number of employees in the British automobile manufacturing industry was 180,000 in 2008. Accounting for 6.3% of the employment in the British manufacturing industry.  The annual turnover is 50.6 billion pounds, accounting for 10.2% of the British manufacturing industry.  The added value of the automobile industry is 10.6 billion pounds; accounting for 7.4% of the added value of the British manufacturing industry.

Minibusses are cheap, various, economical, and practical, and can be widely used in many industries.  In modern society, minibusses have become an important member of the automobile family.  In China, with the resurgence of the stalled economy in 2020, minibusses have become the most economical reference vehicles.  Under this background, the efficient development of the minibus market has been promoted again. What is more, the minibus manufacturing industry has once again ushered in development opportunities.

In addition, this situation is similar to the United Kingdom, demand for minibus UK is also big.  If you want to import minibus UK, it must be crossed the standard threshold. Which is certified by the European Union.  Compared with other countries, the European market has more stringent regulatory standards for the automobile industry.

Is minibus UK ready?

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