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How far will be realized for an autonomous drive on a minibus near me?

Autonomous vehicles are a popular word in recent years. 

It is also known as unmanned vehicles; Computer-driven vehicles; or wheeled mobile robots. Which are intelligent vehicles that realize unmanned driving through computer systems.  Minibusses as normal transportation, how far will be realized for an autonomous drive on a minibus near me?

The website of the Ministry of Transport publicly released the “Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Development and Application of Road Traffic Autopilot Technology” (referred to as “Guiding Opinions”) on Dec. 30, 2020, proposing that by 2025, the basic theoretical research on autonomous driving will make positive progress.  Important breakthroughs have been made in key technologies and product development and test verification. Such as intelligent road infrastructure and vehicle-road coordination.  Introduce a number of basic and key standards for autonomous driving.  A number of state-level autopilot test bases and pilot application demonstration projects will build. It is to realize large-scale applications in some scenes and promote the industrialization of autopilot technology.

The characteristics of autonomous driving technology

It is worth noting that the Guiding Opinions clearly promote the pilot and demonstration application of autonomous driving technology.  Among them, it is encouraged to carry out demonstration applications of automatic driving and loading in relatively closed areas. For example, such as ports, airports, logistics stations, and transportation infrastructure construction sites.  In scenarios such as post express terminal distribution, in combination with production requirements.  On the premise of making risk assessment and contingency plans. It will extend to scenarios such as road freight transportation and urban distribution as appropriate. 

In addition to supporting the development of self-driving cargo transportation services, the Ministry of Transport has steadily promoted self-driving passenger travel services.  Steadily promote the application of assisted driving technology in urban public transport and road passenger transport.  Support the exploration and development of demonstration application of self-driving bus commuting in closed BRT systems, industrial parks, and other areas.  It also extends to other passenger transport scenarios according to the technological evolution and demonstration progress.  On the premise of making risk assessments and emergency plans.  Study and formulate an action plan for the development of self-driving passenger travel to provide safe, convenient, and comfortable passenger travel services.  What will the autonomous drive technology look like when i apply a minibus near me?

minibus near me

For the development of new formats of autonomous driving, the Guiding Opinions are encouraging, and explicitly encourage qualified places to carry out trial operation and commercial operation services such as sharing autonomous driving vehicles, ferry connection and intelligent parking.  Support the development and application of convenient, efficient, safe and orderly self-driving travel mode, and promote the comprehensive development of “travel as a service” industry.

According to development on autonomous driving technology, how long will it takes to apply a minibus near me?  We expect.



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