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High torque and a great max speed of minibuses from KINGSTAR

What is minibuses?

Minibuses refer to those normal transportation bus loading fewer passengers, normally around 9 to 24 passengers. The minibuses running in the urban area generally assist those big buses, the routes are almost the same with big buses or complement buses for big buses.

The running way of minibuses

There are many kinds of minibuses all over the cities. Some of them were running by the fleet. The company contracts and operates the fleet and employs the operator and crew. Or a person contracts a minibus, to share the operation of the minibus with several people. The personal routes almost the same but it can also change by a notification of changing routes, just like the bus running in the urban cities.

Minibuses from KINGSTAR

We KINGSTAR is an auto supplier from China. The main range of our vehicles are 7-24 seat minibuses, cargo vans, 28-56 seat city buses, and coach buses, trucks, pickups, SUV, MPV, electric cars, etc., We have sold vehicles to more than 90 countries in the past 18years. All our exported products have been proved to be strongly marketable in overseas markets with good quality and reasonable pricing.

VF4 7-8seats minibus

This is a German standard manufacturing concept minibus. It with first-class production lines and technology results in a superior quality minibus. The minibus equipped with a new generation advanced VVT engine, high horsepower with low fuel consumption. Another big point of the minibus is the space, 4.5m³ interior volume, 690kg load capacity, which is superior to the same-class model minibuses.


For VF4, we have three versions, the basic version, the standard version, and the luxury version. Features will be different based on different versions of the minibus, you may choose it depends on your own needs.

This is a gasoline engine minibus, the dimension of the minibus is 4,071 * 1,67 * 1.,902mm, the wheelbase of the minibus is 2,700mm. The gross weight of the vehicle is 1,850kg. The fuel tank of the minibus is 40L.

The minibus equipped with a 5-speed manual gearbox, the front suspension of the minibus is MacPherson independent suspension, the rear suspension is leaf springs. The braking system of the minibus is a front disc rear drum brake system, dual-circuit hydraulics. The tires are 175/70 R14 LT, the max vehicle speed is ≥130km per hour.

② G120 11seats minibus

The characteristics of G120 minibus

2.1 G120 minibus upgraded the exterior appearance. It adopted a beast front face which is full of domineering.

2.2 Side door and tail door can be opened together, more goods can be easily loaded and unloaded. Equipped with multi-stage leaf spring. Bearing capacity beyond imagination. Windows can be optional, can carry goods or people. You can choose the comfortable 8seats as the standard, or the high-efficiency model of 11seats.


2.3 Strong bearing capacity and large cargo space. 5.2 cubic meter large cargo space, safer separation of people and goods.


This G120 could be a minibus also could be a cargo van. As a minibus, we have a three-seat arrangement, 8seats, 9seats, and 11seats. The dimension of the minibus is 4,490 * 1,610 * 1,900mm, the total weight of the minibus is 2,110kg. The max speed of the minibus is ≥120km per hour. The minimum clearance of the minibus is 125mm. The maximum torque of the minibus is 142Nm/rpm, the max speed of the minibus is ≥ 140km per hour.

Besides these two models, we also have other model minibuses. Please send an inquiry to us for more catalogs and price lists freely.

Should you have any inquiry, please feel free to contact us.



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