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Most Practical and Attractive Large Loading Nine Seater Minibus

What do you know about the minibus you are taking? How many seats is it? Is it comfortable? Is it safe enough? Do you know the specification of the minibus? Any idea about the system of the minibus? Today, we will take our nine seater minibus as an example to show you the specification, system, engine, and feature of a good nine seater minibus. How does it look like? The great characteristics of the nine seater minibus are the suspension, modular space, and high-efficiency engine.

Nine Seater Minibus
Why this nine seater minibus is so attractive to our clients?

First of all, the McPherson independent front suspension and five-leaf springs rear suspension to making a high carrying capacity.

Secondly, modular space design maximizing the utilization of limited space and meeting the different demands for driving, seating, and loading. The seating capacity could be 11 persons.

Thirdly, a high-efficiency engine, more powerful and more fuel saving.

Nine Seater Minibus

Model VC5 is a gasoline engine minibus, the seat could be from 7 to 11seats. It is a 4×2 rear driving mode minibus. The overall dimension of the minibus is 4,330 * 1,650 * 1,915mm. The wheelbase of the minibus is 2,850mm. The tread, front/rear of the minibus is 1390/1410mm. The ground clearance of the minibus is 160mm, the curb vehicle weight of the minibus is 1,175kg. The gross vehicle weight of the minibus is 1,865kg. The fuel tank capacity is 45L.

The system of the nine seater minibus

The gearbox equipped on this nine seater minibus is a manual 5 speed and 1 reverse, synchronizing gearbox. The front McPherson independent suspension, the rear is parallel leaf spring and absorber suspension. The braking system of the minibus is a front disc and rear drum. The max speed of the vehicle is 175/70R14LT.

The engine of the nine seater minibus

We have two engines for your consideration. The max power of the engine is 110, the max torque of the minibus is 138N.m. The compression ratio of the minibus is 10:5:1. The emission of the minibus is Euro 4 which could meet most countries’ standards.

The colors of the minibus

We have white, silver, black, yellow, blue, and red color for your selection.

For more information about our features of the minibus, please send us your inquiry freely.



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