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How to choose and buy a minibus in cost-effective

Minibus, small body, great use! How to choose and buy a minibus which is in the right model is very important. Wish this helps you.

Many business friends will take into serious consideration how to choose a suitable travel tool when they need to carry some goods. When planning to buy minibus, a large space and a comfortable driving experience will become the main factors considered. But when getting the money to buy a car, you will find all kinds of advertising making you so dazzling. Therefore, how do choose a suitable vehicle and buy a minibus in a cost-effective way? Let us take a look at the following suggestions to buy a minibus ideally:

Economical and practical

To buy a minibus in type like VC4/ VC5/ VF4 is a good choice. Such kind of minibus is a standard minibus with engine center-mounted and rear drive. The body size is basically about 4 meters, and the space is not so big but practical. It is very economic to buy a minibus of this type for business. But because the engine is under the front seat. The high temperature will bring a poor driving experience and noise if to buy a minibus like this type. In the case of cash strapped, you can consider buying a minibus like this model VC4 / VC5 / VF4. Which can basically meet your daily business needs.

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Super large practical class

To buy a minibus such as J5/J6/Y6 is your wise decision to make your business more successful. You will find that this kind of minibus is also a standard flat-top minibus with engine center-mounted and rear drive. The body size of this type of minibus is about 5.4 meters to 6.3 meters, and the space is very large. It is much more practical than the 4 meters type.

To buy a minibus like the J5 / J6 / Y6 could give you a comfortable experience: strong structure; comfortable seats such as leather seats for getting a more comfortable driving experience. And various kinds of seating layout could well carry passenger and cargo both. Which can effectively make passengers relax and effectively loading cargo. If you have enough cash, you can consider buying a minibus in this type of model like J5/ J6/ Y6. Which is more comfortable to carry passengers and more profitable to load goods!

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Practical and comfortable

To choose a vehicle from the M80/M50/M50S series, you could find that it is more sedan-like. With front-engine mounted, which not only improves the driving experience but also gets rid of the traditional flat-head shape. The design of the front could well buffer the collision at the front and reach a higher safety level. To buy a minibus in such type, or we could call such kind of vehicle as MPV. You could get more options in equipment, such as reversing images; GPS navigation system, multi-function steering wheel, EPS electronic power steering system, 9inch displayer screen, and other equipment.

In addition, with the 2+2+3 seat layout, the rear two rows of models can be put down. Which is extremely practical for cargo or luggage loading. 1.5L VVT engine is with efficient power output and lowers fuel consumption. like our model M80, there are two kinds of suspensions for selection. Leaf springs and five-link non-independent suspensions. The former one is with strong load-carrying capacity and the latter one is better for seating comfort. To buy a minibus in such type can not only meet business needs but also meet occasional home trips.

No matter which type of vehicle the customer chooses. It needs the consumer to test driving and check then make a decision to buy minibus. In fact, the main concern to buy a minibus should be what the extra could bring to you when achieving the most basic needs.



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