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Our Vehicle Distributors Sponsored Seat Minibus Ambulances in Fighting Against the COVID-19

 The new crown pneumonia epidemic has spread globally, and the seat minibus of our factory has made important contributions.

 The 2020 China Commercial Vehicle Conference with the theme of “promoting the construction of the entire commercial vehicle industry chain” was grandly held on December 17 in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. The conference is hosted by the “China Automobile Dealers Association” and covers the entire ecological chain of commercial vehicles such as R&D, manufacturing, distribution, accessories, Internet platforms, finance, insurance, and leasing. After screening and review by industry associations, universities, industry experts, etc., at the “2020 China Commercial Vehicle Conference”, our factory won the title of “2020 National Commercial Vehicle Industry Pioneer Enterprise in Fighting against the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic”. The main model is the seat minibus.

 Looking back at the upcoming 2020, there is a spread of the epidemic. But there is also heart-warming support, and there is also a retrograde dedication to help each other. As the mainstay of the national economy, all companies in China’s automobile manufacturing industry have provided important materials and transportation guarantees for the frontline of the epidemic in the new crown epidemic that spreads around the world in 2020. This actively invested in resuming work and production to boost the economy In the recovery action.

 As the leader of China’s passenger car industry, our factory is committed to fighting the epidemic with strong action. It providing seat minibus, giving full play to its own advantages, and actively participating in the fight against the epidemic.

 Anti-epidemic pioneers perform their duties loyally

Firslty, in the early stage of the epidemic, domestic epidemic prevention and control faced a severe shortage of medical supplies. In addition to medical supplies such as masks and protective clothing, in winning the battle against epidemic prevention and control, the negative pressure ambulance modified by seat minibus also. It has become an important strategic material in short supply.

Secondly, on the second day of the New Year, we responded to the national call by setting up an emergency team. The convening employees, and urgently putting into production the negative pressure emergency ambulance modified by seat minibus. At that time, employee vacations, logistics shutdowns, material shortages, especially the shortage of negative pressure isolation cabins, became the biggest problems in the production process. Our factory has overcome many difficulties, selected high-quality suppliers across the country, and followed the progress of materials. The employees Xu Qingsheng and Yu Tongxing night traveled more than 2,000 kilometers and escorted the negative pressure isolation cabin to Xiamen; the employees returned voluntarily and quickly put into production. Working overtime is only to ensure the smooth delivery of ambulances modified by seat minibus. 

seat minibus

Thirdly, on February 14th, the first batch of 32 ambulances modified from seat minibus were installed on the special rescue train. Then rushed to help Wuhan. After-sales service personnel, overcoming many dangers, conducted a comprehensive investigation for the ambulance going to Hubei. This helps online instructed users to use the negative pressure ambulance.

Finally, on April 2nd and 8th, our factory donated 4 negative pressure ambulances modified by seat minibus to Fuzhou and Xiamen respectively.

Just 2 months, 300 anti-epidemic ambulances modified by seat minibus.

 According to statistics, in just 2 months, more than 300 anti-epidemic ambulances modified by seat minibus have gone to Hubei and other parts of the country. Among them, the Sea Lion negative pressure ambulance is specially responsible for the first aid and transport of suspected patients. An important force on the front line of the epidemic.

 As for all employees, they have also received gratitude from the State Council for their behaviors of racing against time. As well as working overtime, and working day and night on the front line of production and supply.

 Product innovation and epidemic prevention upgrade

we are racing against time to produce a negative pressure ambulance modified by seat minibus to aid the front line of the “war epidemic”. Besides, our factory has also developed a healthy mobile space bus. It is a “one-stop” CT health examination vehicle. With Kangda intelligent epidemic prevention workstation, PCR nucleic acid detection vehicle , Nucleic acid testing and sampling stations and other new products. This helping to win the battle against the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

 From February to February, while focusing on ensuring the production of anti-epidemic ambulances modified by seat minibus, in response to the needs of epidemic prevention, we will give full play to our strengths, use superior technical resources to innovate production, and develop smart workstations for use in schools, office buildings, hospitals, High-density people entering and exiting places such as shopping malls and supermarkets can quickly measure temperature, intelligently check in and eliminate three-dimensionally, which has become a weapon for public health prevention and monitoring. The workstation can quickly measure body temperature through infrared thermal imaging, and can perform face recognition and ID card recognition. Face recognition can also be recognized when wearing a mask. It realizes the combination of rapid temperature detection and clock-in function. For one, provide 360° whole body spray disinfection to minimize the spread of the virus.

Medical examination vehicle

 The new generation of medical examination vehicles adopts advanced technologies. Such as heat insulation, sound insulation, shock absorption, and noise reduction design. All these helps achieve the whole integration of design, manufacturing, and equipment assembly. And this can meet the needs of on-site medical services, formation of medical teams to the countryside, and short-term emergencies. Time to establish emergency medical plans and other requirements. At present, our seat minibus has developed a medical examination vehicle covering various lengths of 5 to 12 meters. It integrates routine physical examination and emergency medical response rescue functions. This breaking through the limitations of existing detection technology on personnel and places.

 In addition, chest CT examination, is one of the main methods for screening suspected cases. It played an important role in the preliminary screening process. During the critical period of epidemic prevention and control, our factory quickly mobilized technical forces. Moreover, based on the rich development experience of mobile medical products, launched the latest “one-stop” CT health examination vehicle. It can quickly arrive at the scene for rapid screening of suspected cases of new coronary pneumonia Check and diagnose. This helps shorten the test time, and improve the test efficiency.

 In the face of the epidemic, our factory did not forget its original aspirations. It kept its mission in mind, and took practical actions to refit the seat minibus into various models to fulfill its social responsibilities. At the same time, it demonstrate the demeanor of a state-owned enterprise. In the future, we will continue to innovate and forge ahead to show the world excellent Chinese independent cars.




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