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Buy Minibus from Chinese Car Autotrader Are Popular in the Middle East

 It is important to choose the right mode to buy minibus. With the development of China’s economy, more and more Chinese brand cars are popular with consumers in Middle Eastern countries.

According to a recent report by “Arabian Business Network”, countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Algeria have become the main sales markets for Chinese brand cars in the Middle East and North Africa. Customers in these countries like cars like buy minibus.

buy minibus

Chinese cars increaseing in market share.

According to data from the Egyptian Chinese Chamber of Commerce, the overall sales of the Egyptian auto market from January to November 2020 exceeded 200,000, such as buy minibus, which increased by 26.61% year-on-year; about 43,000 Chinese cars were sold in Egypt during the same period, of which about 3.3 were passenger car sales. Million vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 82.17%.

Chinese brand cars are increasingly emerging in the Middle East market with their increasingly better product quality. Besides, timely and thoughtful after-sales service, technological research, and development that keeps pace with the times are also important. Moreover, deep understanding and rapid response to customer needs. In 2020, the Middle East will account for 33% of overseas exports of Chinese brands. Saudi Arabia and Egypt have risen to the first and second-largest markets for Chinese brand cars. Many customers buy minibus and other cars.

In the passenger car market, like buy minibus, Chinese brand cars are popular. New energy vehicles have gradually become a new bright spot for Chinese brand cars into the Middle East market. For major Chinese auto brands, the Middle East has always been a market with huge potential.

Chinese brand cars enter into the Middle East market.

On the demand side, many countries provide strong demand for consumer goods represented by automobiles. Such as, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran, the UAE, Israel, and Kuwait are relatively wealthy countries. Europe and American purchasing high-end brands. While the middle class in the Middle East countries also have a greater demand for high-quality low-cost, and mid-range cars. This provides an opportunity for Chinese brand cars to enter the Middle East market.

From the supply side, many European and American countries have encountered many restrictions on automobile exports. This is due to the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic. China has contained the epidemic earlier and can provide reliable products and services to the Middle East. In addition, in recent years, the quality of Chinese branded cars has continued to improve. The brands have gradually established themselves in overseas markets. The high-cost performance has made many customers in the Middle East. Such as buy minibus and other cars and gains a firm foothold in the Middle East market.

In order to open up the Middle East market, Chinese car companies have made a lot of effort. On the one hand, Chinese car companies have conducted sufficient research in the Middle East market. Moreover, improved the safety performance of their cars. This is based on the driving habits of local residents. On the other hand, Chinese car companies have also done their homework in improving after-sales service. At the same time, established a complete and efficient service response mechanism.

Many Chinese auto companies have shifted from exporting complete vehicles to investing in local factories,

At the same time, in order to integrate high-quality resources and improve their competitive advantages, more and more Chinese auto companies have shifted from exporting complete vehicles to investing in local factories, not only providing local jobs and technical talents but also promoting the automotive industry in the Middle East. The improvement of the industrial chain. After complying with local laws and policies to achieve localization, the service scope and influence of Chinese car companies will be expanded through the Middle East market. We can say the realization of the localized layout of Chinese car companies in the Middle East is a good thing. Not only for multiple purposes but also for win-win cooperation.


Of course, Chinese brand cars are also facing many difficulties in exploring the Middle East market. Firstly, the market share of Chinese brand in the Middle East is far behind that of European, and Korean cars. Secondly, in the low-end market. Chinese brand cars are also facing tremendous pressure from fierce competition with other countries’ brand cars; third, Chinese brand cars face cultural integration and other issues in the promotion and sales process.

In the future, for Chinese brand cars to better deploy the Middle East market.

They need to achieve the following aspects: First, they must change their thinking, establish a sense of win-win cooperation, strictly abide by local laws and regulations, and always respect local religious culture and customs, and be active and harmonious. Local people share capital, technology, jobs, etc., and strive to achieve sustainable development in the process of integrating into the local area; second, continue to improve technological innovation capabilities and standardized production capabilities, and continue to enhance the market competitiveness of products and the international influence of the brand; It is to use the Internet platform and digital media technology to expand the promotion of Chinese auto brands according to local conditions and strengthen the training of brand marketing talents with an international vision.

Make Middle Eastern customers more and more like auto products from Chinese brands such as buy minibus.



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