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Mini-buses price is the first considerations for people to buy Mini-buses?

When people are consuming, when they see a suitable product, they first think about whether they are able to pay the price. What are the first conditions for people to buy a minibus? Should be the mini-buses price? In the past few years, we have been exporting cars at KINGSTAR. The main reason why MINI-BUSES sells well is because of its low price and high quality.

Mini-buses price

For so many years, we have exported MINI-BUSES to countries all over the world. Because of its reasonable price, it is popular in consumers.

According to market demand, we strive to do everything to meet customer requirements. Minimize production costs and sales costs.

Mini-buses price

For example, we exported 39 MINI-BUSES to Bolivia in 2016. Before the order is confirmed, we first quote to the customer. After the customer receives the quotation and technical parameters carefully studied, they believe that the price is highly acceptable in the market. And the configuration has also met the local requirements. After repeated communication and confirmation by email and WHATSAPP, the customer visited KINGSTAR before confirming the order. And after further understanding of our company, confirmed the order for these 39 MINI-BUSES.

According to the usage habits of the local market, we canceled ASB+EBD for MINI-BUSES. Then replaced leather seats with cloth seats, and changed the electric exterior mirrors to manual exterior mirrors. This lowers the price, making it cheaper to attract consumers

Focusing on long-term development and strengthening competitiveness, in order to save freight and reduce transportation costs. When we shipped these 39 cars, we compared the freight of BY CONTAINER and BY RORO. And we found that BY CONTAINER had lower freight. At the same time, in order to fit three cars in one cabinet, we removed the front grille, headlights, rear doors, and rear headlights. Such a cabinet is converting from the original two cars to three cars so that each car bears less freight. It undoubtedly reduces the cost of vehicles and increases market competitiveness.

Sure enough, after this batch of cars arrived in the local market, they were very popular with consumers due to their attractive prices, novel appearance. And with the reasonable configuration, and they were sold out immediately. The customer immediately ordered another 50 units. After that, the cooperation between us continued to strengthen, the orders continued to increase and there were fixed rolling orders.



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