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Check These Promotional Cheap Mini-buses With Great Equipment

There are so many mini-buses types in an automobile factory, ordinary mini-bus, luxury mini-bus, cheap mini-buses, etc. For our factory, we also have so many models that with different prices. Especially now we are making the promotion of our model BD6 15-16 seat minibus and VC4 7-8 seat minibus which are really cheap mini-buses.

1, Introduction sof model of BD6 15-16 seats minibus

a. The dimension and weight of BD6 cheap minibus (One of the cheap mini-buses)

This is a left-hand driving minibus, the dimension of the minibus is 5490*1885*2285mm, the wheelbase is 3110mm. And our standard capacity for this model is 16 seats (2+4+3+3+4). For more detailed information on weight, gearbox, steering, suspension, braking, and tires, please refer to below parameter chart.

b, The engine of the BD6 minibus (One of the cheap mini-buses with 15-16 seats)

We have two engines for your option for this cheap mini-bus BD6. G4BA and JE4D25E; G4BA is a gasoline engine, 4-cylinder in-line with emission of Euro 2; JE4D25E is a diesel engine, 4-cylinder in-line, turbocharged, inter-cooling with emission of Euro 3; For more details about the engine, please refer to below parameter chart.

c, The exterior of BD6 15-16 seats minibus (One of the cheap mini-buses)

We equipped aluminum wheels on this minibus, also with a 1sliding passenger door and 4 sliding side windows for passengers. BD6 cheap mini-bus with white glass for passengers, rear washer & wiper, and rear windshield glass defroster. Engine guard board as an optional choice with different prices.

Cheap Mini-buses

d, The interior of BD6 15-16 seats minibus (One of the cheap mini-buses)

Glare-proof inner rearview mirror equipped on this minibus, the material of the seats is fabric, seat with headrests, imitation leather seats will be an optional choice with different price. We have an internal opener of fuel tank cap, sun visor for both driver + co-driver (With clip and mirror), wood floor + plastic flooring on this minibus.

e, The safety of BD6 15-16 seats minibus (One of the cheap mini-buses)

Everyone knows that safety is the first important thing for driving a car. For the system on the BD6 minibus, we equipped an ABS + EBD brake system which means it is safe enough for a car. The car with an ABS system can still avoid the barrier when there is a sudden brake. Except for ABS, we still have EBD which means this is an assist function that depends on ABS. It is used for distributing the braking power to every wheel of the car. And we have front and rear fog lights. It will help us to remind front and behind cars to keep an eye on the driving car. Especially on rainy days, stormy days, foggy days, or snowing days and etc. We also have a high-mount stop lamp, equipped 3-point safety belts for both driver & co-driver; 2-point safety belts for passengers, and an energy-absorbing steering system.

It was worth mentioning that we also equipped 15” LCD on the minibus which is quite a practical function that may help passengers release themselves on the journey. And we also have DVD + MP5 function, with front and rear A/C.

2, Another model of VC4 (One of the cheap mini-buses with 7-8seats)

15-16 seat minibus is suitable for groups which over 12 people use, for those under 10 people but larger than an SUV group. No doubt this 7-8 seats minibus is a solid choice.

This is a 7-8 seats minibus with left-hand driving mode, the engine source is from SUZUKI. And the highlight of this minibus is load emission, low fuel consumption, low noise, and high reliability. 

Cheap Mini-buses

Below are the pictures of the exterior and interior of the VC4 7-8 seat minibus. From the appearance of the minibus, you can’t believe it is one of the cheap mini-buses. The color match of the interior is gray and black which always the classic colors match, shows simple but elegant.

The fuel type of this minibus is gasoline, the dimension is 4010*1620*1915mm. And the wheelbase is 2700 which is a short wheelbase minibus. The seating capacity is 7-8 seats which suitable for family, for small groups event, bigger space, and more seats than an SUV with very low fuel consumption. The engine of the minibus is EFI, DOHC, the gearbox of the system is 5 speed manual with an independent suspension, the emission of the minibus is Euro IV. We have a radio + MP3 player USB port, you may enjoy the music on the journey. For more details of the minibus, please send us your requirements.

We are making promotions for these two models, they are quite cheap mini-buses with a price around US$5,200 ~ US$16,200.

From the above-described models with detailed parameters, you may notice that even these are cheap mini-buses. But the equipment of the car is not “cheap” at all.

The good news is, for some standard equipment, we have a stock car of BD6 15-16 seat minibus. Please send us your inquiry to check the stock for you, we will get back to you within 24hours.

For more detailed specifications and equipment parameters, please send us your requirements. We will send you the detailed catalog for your consideration.

With proper forwarder, the cheap mini-buses will beside you soon. 



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