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19 seater minibus for sale with rich equipment for meeting different customers’ needs

KINGSTAR has 6 seat taxi mini buses to 19 seater minibus for sale, along with larger coaches with 22 seats to 56 seats.

Do you want to hold a team-building event? Would you like to take the team out for a happy holiday? Are you looking for transportation to a beach resort? Want to reward or treat your staff?  Here, KINGSTAR can help you with various sizes of minibus for well meeting your requirement.

What are the major ranges of vehicles in KINGSTAR mini-bus.com.cn?

KINGSTAR, as one of the professional auto suppliers and exporter for vehicles. As vans, pickups, minibusses, trucks, electric cars, SUVs, buses, are known for providing vehicles with competitive price, good quality, excellent performance, in time after-sales service. Here in KINGSTAR vehicle ranges, have a various minibus for selection:

  • 4meter minibus with 8 seats
  • 4.3 to 4.8meter minibus with 7 to 12 seats
  • 5.4 meter with 16 seats
  • 6 meter with 20 seats
  • 7.5 meter with 23 seats
  • 8-12 meter with 25 to 56 seats
19 seater minibus for sale

Amount the minibus ranges, the model BG6 19 seater minibus for sale is one of the popular and good models for your selection.

What does it cost for the BG6 19 seater minibus for sale?

The BG6 minibus comes with a big power engine, 5-speed manual transmission. Also with rich equipment for selection for meeting different demands. Speaking of same-level equipment, the BG6 minibus comes with a great advantage over its rivals. It costing from USD 13000 to USD 20000.

For getting the BG6 19 seater minibus for sale in basic type could save a lot for business

The BG6 19 seater minibus for sale is covering one year/ six-kilometer warranty. In case of any demand for spare parts or warranty claim, KINGSTAR manufacturer could provide technical guidance. And ensure continuous spare parts supply for a replacement for the BG6 minibus.

  • Providing guidance for operation, maintenance and repair.
  • Warranty service of repair, replacement.
  • Spare parts support

What are the standout features for the 19 seater minibus for sale?

  1. The BG6 19 seater minibus for sales comes equipped with two front faces for selection.
  2. Two engine models available for this minibus for sale: DK5 diesel engine with emission in Euro 3 and Euro 5 for selection. Big power for bringing excellent performance. The max power for the engine reaches 110kw.
  3. All the wheels come with an aluminum wheel.
  4. Braking systems comes with ABS+EBD, ensures the 19 seater minibus for sale doesn’t get pushed into oncoming traffic.
  5. For suspension, this minibus adopts front independent suspension and rear leaf spring, which ensure a big payload for carrying. 
  6. The BG6 minibus can also be equipped with the latest multimedia system with a high-resolution screen that incorporates reverse image and smartphone mirroring.
19 seater minibus for sale

How convenient and comfortable is the BG6 19 seater minibus for sale?

The cabin of the BG6 minibus offers a comfortable and convenient layout and capacious driving room. For the instrument board, the luxury type is also available for meeting the highend consumption demand. 

Speaking of passenger rooms, it is considered to come with 2 sliding windows on both sides for the BG6 minibus. And the glass could be in dark glass well-protecting passenger’s privacy. Also, this minibus could be with transparent glass. This glass is good for public transportation and the cost for this equipment is lower. Also, this is good for saving cost.

The materials of the BG6 19 seater minibus for sale present with a high level of quality; the instruments are simple and clear to read; the seats are comfortable and could be in the type of fabric seat and leather seats for selection. The BG6 19 minibus, it contains smart storage spaces. It including huge door bins capable of holding large drink bottles and storage space above the dash for mobile phones.

For the BG6 minibus, it comes with various seat layout for selection for meeting different needs. The maximum seat capacity could reach 20 seats. The back seats could be hanged up so as to provide more space for carrying luggage and cargo.

It is easy to get the BG6 19 seater minibus for sale information from our KINGSTAR mini-bus.com.cn. Please kindly contact us and let us know your requirement for the BG6 minibus. So that we can help you to get your favorite minibus from us.

19 seater minibus for sale
19 seater minibus for sale



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