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First Batch Mini bus transport vehicles to Uruguay Market Are Truly Loved by Clients

In Feb. 2013, the first batch of 10 units mini bus transport to Uruguay, local markets love it exceed unexpecting.

Mini bus transport

Mini bus transport vehicles shipped to overseas markets.

The 12-18 seats minibuses we export to Bolivia and Peru are used for passenger transportation.

All vehicles are 12-18 seats, diesel engine or gasoline engine, dual AC, LCD, aluminum wheels, DVD, ABS+EBD, and other luxury equipment. Whether from the perspective of use or market operation, the market feedback and consumer response are very good.

As a well-known brand of commercial vehicles, KINGSTAR NEPTUNE has always insisted on user-centered supplier. This time, the star product KINGSAR minibus is the first time land in Uruguay, to benefit the people and serve thousands of households. “The theme activities will bring high-quality products and generous discounts to the vast number of rural users, and meet the needs of users for automobiles to a greater extent.

Uruguay markets love mini bus transport vehicle model L6

The pioneer of minibus transportation to Uruguay, mainly transportation. Such as microbus transportation between villages and micro truck transportation of agricultural and sideline products. A variety of car purchase discounts help rural car upgrades

 With the rapid development of Uruguay’s economy, people’s demand for cars has become more and more obvious. In fact, with the improvement of people’s income and living standards, more and more people are beginning to pay attention to the quality of cars, and they also prefer stylishly designed car models.

The details of the mini bus transport

As the main model of minibus transportation to Uruguay, the KINGSTAR minibus L6 is the market leader. KINGSTAR minibus integrates various functions such as business, transportation, commuting, and tourism. Minibus transportation can not only help residents get rich, but also improve the quality of residents’ cars. The tough-looking Kingstar minibus has a domineering appearance, high-end configuration, strong power, large load capacity, and large space. It can be said that it is tailor-made for rural users. At the same time, minibus transportation not only provides models for guests to transport but also introduces models for freight, becoming a new model for cities and residents to transport goods.

The passenger area of ​​this model is closed, with a large internal space and a solid floor, which quickly becomes a practical choice for residents.

Mini bus transport
Mini bus transport

In recent years, competition in the Chinese automobile market has intensified. And various manufacturers have gradually shifted from competition in the domestic market to competition in the overseas market. Committed to developing overseas markets is the effort of every manufacturer. Not only will it increase sales, but it will also add impetus to the company’s sustainable development. In order to increase the visibility of Chinese cars in overseas markets and enhance the competitiveness of Chinese cars in overseas markets, the market prospects are broad.

Minibus transportation provides great convenience for urban and rural residents. If you are interested in our mini bus transport vehicles, please feel free to contact us.



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