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Our Export Auto Factory Arranged The First Batch 10 Units Mini Bus Transport To Uruguay

In Feb 2013, the first batch 10 units mini bus transported to Uruguay.

All the units are 18 seats with a diesel engine. Also with luxury equipment such double AC, LCD, aluminum wheels, DVD, ABS +EBD.

mini bus transport

As a well-known brand of commercial vehicles, KINGSTAR NEPTUNE has always insisted on user-centeredness. This time, with its star products  KINGSAR MINIBUS is the first to launch to Uruguay to provide courtesy. It benefits the people and serves thousands of families. The theme activities will bring high-quality products and huge discounts to the vast number of rural users. Moreover, this meets the needs of users for cars to a greater extent.

mini bus transport

Minibus transport to Uruguay to pioneer, mainly for transport. Such as mini bus between villages, truck export for Agricultural and sideline products. A variety of car purchase benefits help rural cars upgrade and upgrade.

mini bus transport

 It is customized for village usage.

With the rapid development of Uruguay’s economy, people’s demands for automobiles have become more and more obvious. In fact, with the increase in people’s income and living standards, more and more people have begun to pay attention to cars. quality.

As the key models of mini bus transport going to Uruguay, KINGSTAR minibus L6 is the market leader. KINGSTAR mini bus which has multiple functions including business, transportation, commuting, and tourism,  mini bus transport which can not only help residents get rich but also improve the quality of residents’ car use. For the tough-looking Kingstar mini bus , the appearance is domineering, the configuration is high-end, the power is strong, the superload, and the large space can be said to be customized for rural users. At the same time, mini bus transport does not only provide a variety of vehicle models such as passenger and cargo but also introduces new heavy products.

In recent years, competition in the Chinese auto market has intensified and the market has continued to decline. Committed to exploring overseas markets is the theme of each manufacturer. Not only will it increase sales, but it will also gain momentum for the company’s continuous development. In order to increase the visibility of Chinese cars in overseas markets and strengthen the competitiveness of Chinese cars in overseas markets, the market prospects are broad.

Mini bus transport provides great convenience for urban and rural residents.



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