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Minibus maintenance is very important in summer. Because, the high temperature and scorching heat are coming, the temperature is rising steadily. To say, approaching 40 degrees Celsius, and the ground temperature even reaches 60 degrees Celsius at noon. In such a high temperature environment, how to prevent fire and spontaneous combustion of mini bus is particularly important. Because mini bus catch fire and spontaneously ignite at high temperatures. This is causing serious consequences to appear in the newspapers from time to time, we must all attach great importance to it.

In particular, the driver who is directly responsible for driving mini bus is the first responsible person. It is of great importance and responsibility. It must finish with a strong sense of responsibility and a high sense of urgency to the people. This work is so important. Let’s talk about my own opinions on how to prevent fire and spontaneous combustion of mini bus during the hot season for your reference.

Minibus maintenance

Modern mini bus from formal enterprises are good in design and manufacturing. Our design is with superior technical standards and configuration. And it is in good consideration about how to prevent fire and spontaneous combustion. They meet various national standards and there is no problem in normal use. But if it is improperly in suing, improper maintenance will leave hidden dangers. In addition to the high temperature season, there may be unexpected fire risks and spontaneous combustion risks. Large passenger vehicles must resolutely prevent accidents such as fires and spontaneous combustion that seriously endanger personal safety. To completely eliminate serious safety hazards. Such as, fires and spontaneous combustion; managers; vehicle drivers; and vehicle maintenance personnel must do the following to prevent them before they happen.

1. We must attach great importance to it ideologically.

Saying a thousand words and ten thousand is not empty talk. Only by paying attention can it be implemented in action, with a definite target. Implement various minibus maintenance plans and minor repair plans in place. Leave no room, no blind spots, and follow the system to prevent the overall situation.

2. It is strictly forbidden to bring flammable and explosive and other dangerous goods on the car or put it in the luggage compartment.

This is a bottom line and a red line, which must be implemented 100%. Especially in the hot summer season, it is extremely dangerous to entrain the fire source in the luggage compartment in the carriage. Moreover, it is especially easy to cause fire danger and spontaneous combustion. The compartment should be kept tidy and clean, and no lighters, perfumes, air fresheners and other items should be placed. Because these items can easily cause fire hazards when exposed to high temperatures for a long time. Vehicle fire extinguishing devices must be adequately in place, and readily available.

3. Minibus maintenance must pay attention to the original minibus design. What’s more, it is strictly forbidden to connect it privately and connect externally to increase the load.

In high temperature seasons, try to reduce unnecessary vehicle electricity consumption to reduce the load on the generator. Generators, air conditioners, batteries, retarders, dashboards, circuit boards, fuse boxes, clue grounding wires. Also, other circuit facility connectors must be clean, and free from dust and oil. And they are clearly visible at a glance and within the normal working range. Always check the circuit system for abnormal heat or smell during working hours to prevent short circuits caused by wire grounding. Frequently observe the working conditions of each instrument for abnormalities and odors. If there are signs of malfunction, it should be eliminated in time to avoid future troubles.

4. The vehicle oil circuit, water circuit, and gas pipeline should keep the original vehicle design. These should not be shifted or connected.

Especially for the exhaust pipe, the connections must be firm, the exhaust pipe insulation layer must be intact. Moreover the fireproof paper must be fully wrapped. The temperature around the exhaust pipe is very high due to the high temperature. It is very dangerous if the oil circuit line falls on it. It is clear that there is no leakage of oil, electricity, water, and air.

5. Under the high temperature and scorching heat, the vehicle brake system is in a high temperature working state. The friction between the brake shoe and the wheel hub will cause the temperature of the wheel hub to rise sharply.

At this time, in case that the brake is not in place, the sealing performance of the oil seal is not good. At the same time, the gear oil overflows. It may cause the brake system to overheat and cause smoke or even fire. Therefore, we must do the usual minibus maintenance. This is to prevent overloading. And to insist on driving at a medium speed, try to reduce the braking, and the high temperature.

In addition, vehicle tires should be properly in suing. The regular brand tires as guide wheels, the rear wheels should also be in good condition. Also, the tire pressure shouldkeeping in a little lower than the specified value. Because in the hot summer, the tire temperature of the tire itself and the temperature will be very high. If there is a defect, it is very likely to cause a puncture and cause a fire hazard. You must use it with caution, take a rest at an appropriate time, cool down naturally, and calculate a safety account.



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