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Great, the first batch of China VI Y7 mini bus 22 seater delivered to Huangshan Changyun

Do you know Huangshan Mountain?  It is the only mountain scenery among the top ten scenic spots in China. And has the reputation of “the first strange mountain in China”. The annual number of tourists received is more than 70 million. There is a huge demand in the passenger transport market from scenic spots to urban areas.  After the Spring Festival, the first batch of Y7 mini bus 22 seater with 7.5 meters from China VI were delivered to Huangshan Changyun. It will be used for customized passenger transportation in Huangshan city tourist attractions.  Advantages of China VI Y7 mini bus 22 seater with 7.5m: enjoy free travel tax, save fuel, and perform better than China V in noise and fuel consumption.

mini bus 22 seater

1. The Y7 mini bus 22 seater with China VI, which is 7.5 meters long, enjoys free travel tax.

Y7 mini bus 22 seater 7.5-meter China VI has been recognized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for its high efficiency and economy. It has been selected into the catalog of energy-saving and new-energy vehicle models enjoying preferential travel tax reduction and exemption (16th batch) issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the State Administration of Taxation. Users who purchase this model can enjoy preferential benefits of travel tax reduction and exemption. The 7.5-meter Y7 mini bus 22 seat is the first choice for passenger transport. It has an announced fuel consumption of 10.9L, which is obviously superior to other similar products.

2. 7.5 meters Y7 mini bus 22 seater is fuel-efficient, saving 0.2 yuan one-kilometer year on year.

Y7 mini bus 22 Seattle has won wide acclaim from customers for its excellent economic performance. Recently, customers in Gansu reported that the 7.5-meter model was purchased years ago. It has been operated by the Jingning-Lanzhou line in Gansu Province, with an average fuel cost of 5 cents per kilometer. Which is 20 cents less than that of competing products equipped with diesel engines. The fuel cost is saved by more than 70 yuan per day. Customers are very satisfied with the fuel-saving performance, saving about 2,000 yuan a month. To save is to earn, and earn 25,000 more than others in one year.

mini bus 22 seater

3. The noise and fuel consumption performance of the China VI engine will be better than that of the China V engine.

The 7.5m Y7 mini bus 22 seater delivered to Huangshan Changyun is equipped with a high-performance Weichai Guoliu Engine. Which has strong power, large torque, and is economical and fuel-efficient. Many new technologies, such as a dual-mass flywheel, have been adopted in Guoliu Engine. In addition, it reduces the vehicle weight and ensures safety while providing economy through the design of a full-load high-strength lightweight body. ECS company of Austria conducts coupled simulations of vehicle thermal management and chassis tuning. So that to achieve the best matching between the power system and the body and improves the fuel economy of the vehicle through a number of measures such as streamlined design of the body.

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