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As we all know that there are many kinds of minibuses on the markets. Which one is suitable for you? Which one do you want? Fuel-type vehicle or electric vehicle? We all knew that electric vehicle is a great trend with government support in every country now. Today we KINGSTAR will share one of our new but very hot sale electric minibuses great functions and also the electric minibus cost.

Brief introduction of electric minibus

The electric minibus is a new energy electric vehicle that was developed by a Wuhan electric vehicle company at the first beginning. The electric minibus is a kind of new energy electric vehicle, which can be used for city buses, school buses, and community minibuses. It is energy-saving, emission reduction, and pollution-free, in line with the new energy technology advocated by the state. At present, there are many cities in the country in the trial operation of the electric minibus, especially in the community.

The KINGSTAR minibus Models

We KINGSTAR as a professional automobile exporter of China. We are increasing our electric vehicles production line according to the national requirements. As the electric vehicles grow rapidly in these years, more and more overseas market client’s cooperate with our electric vehicles, especially electric minibus. Today we will share one of the very hot sales J electric series minibuses.

Electric Minibus Cost

For this series minibuses, we have two different lengths of vehicles, one is 5.4meter, another one is 5.99meter. Today we will talk about the 5.4m model.

eJ5 electric minibus main parameters

The overall dimension of the electric minibus is 5,380 * 1,880 * 2,320mm, the wheelbase of the minibus is 3,110mm. Our standard seat of this minibus is 13seats, it could be from 13 to 16seats depends on your needs.

The battery type of the minibus is LiFePO4 battery (LFP battery), the battery capacity of the minibus is 86.1kWh. The battery management system of the minibus is an intelligent centralized management system. The voyage course NEDC is 400km which you can run quite a long way. We have both fast charging and slow charging. The tires on this minibus are 195R16C radial tires with aluminum alloy. The braking system of the minibus is front disc rear drum, ABS + EBD, and vacuum booster system is available. The front is the front double-wishbone independent suspension/rear variable-rate leaf spring(four pcs).  The steering system of the minibus is hydraulic power steering power. The rear axle is a torsional Liliang type casting rear axle.

The electric minibus cost is quite competitive, the price will be starting from USD36,356 with our standard equipment.

For more equipment of the electric minibus cost please feel free to contact us.



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