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Minivan lease deals-KINGSTAR exported minivan to Barbados

Kingstar export MINIVAN and minibus to Barbados, customers mostly use LEASE DEALS, mainly for tourism vehicles.

minivan lease deals

Barbados is a small island country in the Caribbean Sea, with abundant domestic tourism resources and beautiful scenery. The big star RIHNA was born and grew up here, from here to the international arena. Because of its beautiful scenery, Barbados is a holiday destination for many European and American stars and dignitaries.

minivan lease deals

Due to the development of the tourism industry and the demand of the tourism industry, the local MINIVAN LEASE DEALS business demand is also relatively large. In particular, our MINIVAN has a beautiful appearance and luxurious and high-end configuration, which is especially suitable for major hotels to receive customers between the airport and the hotel or between the hotel and the beach.

minivan lease deals

There are also car rental companies that import our MINIVAN and lease them to major travel companies. Due to market demand, the local MINIVAN business is developing faster and faster, so our export volume is also increasing.

Kingstar minibus is an exporting company providing the minibus and minivan. We have 2-11 seater minibus and 12-28 seater minibus; we also have 2-5 seater minivan and 8-12 seater minivan. Each minibus and minivan has its own advantages. Some of them are luxury ones, some of them are cheap ones. We can also customize the minibus and minivan according to the customer’s special requirements. Such as, adjusting the numbers of seats or adjust the space reserve for the backside room. We are also available to provide special vehicles, such as ambulance and police car, transport van, cargo van, cargo truck, mail car, mail minibus, medical vehicles, prison van, radio car and so on.

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