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KINGSTAR best small vans for your success business

Finding a suitable car in setting up a street stall is the first step for your success. Based on the principle of being cheap, practical, fittable and convenient, let’s take a look at which are the best small vans most suitable and best for setting up a street stall for your business.

best small vans

To starting a street stall business, food cart will be one of the good selection. It is a multi-functional food van, especially in the type of van, truck, with various equipment for cook and sell food.

These best small vans are made of stainless steel, which is easy to clean and more environmentally friendly; meat and oil are separated from charcoal fire, no oil smoke, no fly ash, and healthier; the internal structure of the best small vans is designed with the principle of secondary air intake; and the gas combustion is more prosperous and more efficient.

best small vans

KINGSTAR VF4/ VF5/ VW5 minibus/ minivans series could be in type of such food cart.

These series are the best small vans for the street stall business. It could be in type of mobile snack minivan, tea minivan, ice cream vans, coffee shop, food van. KINGSTAR could also customize such best small vans according to customer’s specific requirement. The model VF4/ VF5/ VW5 are minivan widely used in daily necessities sales, fruit and vegetable sales. With the unique advantage of flexible and attractiveness, these best small vans will bring more benefit for your business. Also with strong liquidity and high degree of attention in the market.

These best small vans’ body adopts a double-layer steel plate heat preservation design. It has a remarkable heat preservation effect and is more energy-saving. Considering fuel type for the cooking in the minivan, gas, charcoal burning, gas charcoal, induction cooker can be used; and all these can be customized according to different needs of customers. These best small vans’ body can be moved and runs freely, very convenient for business running. Moreover, helping you creating your own business and earn more money.

best small vans

Top loading configuration parameters for KINGSTAR best small vans

The box floor of the best small vans is made of anti-corrosion, non-slip aluminum plate, LED lighting. It is also with a 105A battery to supply lighting for the compartment. There is a socket in the left and right front of the van. There are 1 megaphone and 2 tweeters The car body can be unfolded on three sides. Moreover, the two sides are turned over with a shelf bar. It is equipped with an external power supply interface for the middle of electricity.

Any kinds of equipment available for KINGSTAR best small vans as the food cart:

Customer can choose the VW5/ VF4/ VC5/ VC4 models best small vans in type minibus, cargo van, mini-truck, box truck and so on.

Any kinds of equipment can be equipped in KINGSTAR best small vans according to customer need. Such as water sink, refrigerator, steamer, fruit juice machine, fryer, ice cream machine, popcorn machine, hamburger machine, BBQ grill, hot dog machine, coffee maker etc.

After-sales Service and Guarantee for the best small vans:

  • Firstly, provide Top quality products
  • Secondly, OEM support
  • Thirdly, low MOQ
  • Fourthly, 1year warranty
  • Finally, we can provide the technical guide you repair your best small vans, and also will send original parts for replacement. If you have special technical questions, need our engineer to help you, also we can provide online video guidance for the best small vans.

Why choose us for the best small vans

  • Firstly, we have direct supply factory, and professional technical team, provide the best quality and the most competitive price to our customer.
  • Secondly, accept private customization. such as mobile barber shop, camping RV, Mobile ice cream van, breakfast truck, mobile fast food, etc.
  • Finally, for getting such best small vans for your business, you could consider to get brand cooperation for your business. Such like KFC, Starbucks, Mcdonald’s, Burger king etc, such as catering group combination, with intelligence, science and technology, innovation as the core, to provide clients with personality mobile shop customized programs.

KINGSTAR series best small vans will brings more benefit for your business. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you plan to start a street stall business with such kind of vans.



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