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Airport bus model KINGSTAR BD6

Because the airport is in a remote location, the surrounding transportation facilities are rare. And also because the price of taxis is more expensive, so taking a minibus from the airport is the best option. The KINGSTAR BD6 model is the best option for short distance transfers such as minibus.

aeropuerto bus

BD6 minibus can be applied for business travel, urban public transport, company travel, urban and rural transport, logistics, minibus and other purposes; Following the technological innovation, it leads to the new development trend of the light type bus.

Advantages of the BD6 minibus:

  • First of all, the body lines of the BD6 Airport Minibus are smooth and beautiful;
  • Second, the all-new chrome grille is paired with a variety of color matching programs to show off its elegant atmosphere;
  • Third, by using the built-in headlight, its front face is novel and has a crystal diamond texture;
  • Fourth, its humanized design provides a combination of 9-19 seats ultra-large space for selection.
  • Finally, it’s sleek and spacious with a great-vision front windshield.
aeropuerto bus

With the generous dimensions, the BD6 airport minibus fully displays the elegant style. With an ultra-long 5490mm body, the BD6 Hilace minibus can carry a passenger capacity of up to 19 seats; All airport buses equipped with GPS, with various seating arrangements and types to meet different service purposes. Like 7 seats in the luxury type, 20 seats in the economy type, 12 seats in the standard type. All seats and layout can be customized according to customers’ needs. Its interior is spacious and comfortable; It is superior in business travel and corporate hospitality. The comfortable airport minibus will kindly help you to get rid of tiredness.

If you prefer to have a good rest after getting off the plane, you might consider choosing a luxury airport minibus for your trip. Then the luxury business guy could do all his travels in great comfort.

aeropuerto bus

Model BD6, Euro II emission, suitable for low emission countries.

With different Euro 2 engine models for selection, both diesel and gasoline for the BD6 airport minibus could be available.

During the transfer between the airport and the destination, you can also take a nap or enjoy video playback, which gives you more entertainment during the trip.

This BD6 airport minibus is extremely comfortable, safe and affordable. They have earned a good reputation in the market for being the most fuel efficient minibuses. Furthermore, this minibus model has satisfied various demands and has provided customers with an efficient solution for short-haul transportation and business operations.

aeropuerto bus



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