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Legend of the Mini School Bus from Top Car Companies

With rich experience in automobile design and manufacturing in the past 30 years, KINGSTAR’s factory for mini school bus has built a well-known brand in the industry. This is the 10th year of the KINGSTAR’S factory manufacturing mini school bus. Before the State Council promulgated the “School Bus Safety Management Regulations” and the implementation of the “Special School Bus Safety Technical Conditions” mandatory national standards, KINGSTAR’s factory already stood at the forefront of the industry and completed the production of the first mini school bus. As the leader of a minibus, KINGSTAR’s factory takes social safety as its own responsibility. Moreover, KINGSTAR pays attention to education. Also, it strives to develop the safest mini school bus. This is aimed to make most of the students in China ride on a safe and comfortable minibus.  

mini school bus

Ten years ago, there was no standard for a minibus in China. A van or a random minibus could become a “school bus” for transporting children to school. The design of the mini school bus is not for children. The safety factor and ride comfort could not meet the children’s demand. Overloading and accidents happened, cause injuries for the children.

Original intention

“As a company, we realize our responsibility, we must serve students and contribute to society. Considering the safety of students, we decided to produce the school minibus.” KINGSTAR’s factory told us their original intention of manufacturing the minibus.

Without any experience in mini school bus production, the factory of KINGSTAR took serious research on all aspects of the minibus, and after a long period of research, the factory of KINGSTAR develop a special minibus suitable for China’s national conditions. Until 2009, KINGSTAR’s factory completed the production of the first minibus. At that time, this mini school bus was recognized by many customers. Then it became a bright star in the minibus market, occupying half of the same type of minibus market.

In 2013, the new mini school bus was launched, which was well received by the market. In the same year, the minibus accounted for 38% of the Hunan school bus market. Then it becoming the industry leader in the 6-meter-segment small minibus market.

In the past ten years, KINGSTAR factory’s mini school bus technology has been continuously upgraded and improved. In terms of standards, safety, and quality, KINGSTAR’s factory has invested a lot of energy in the mini school bus. Our KINGSTAR’s factory mini school bus has become more and more stable. What’s more, we will strive to continuously introduce higher quality and high performance of mini school bus for the markets.


The body is small and flexible, size 5995×2098×2940 mm. It can freely shuttle and turn around on narrow urban roads, village, and town roads, improving the adaptability of the road.

1. The control system is smart, easy, and convenient.

2. The best price/performance ratio, fast return, and short investment cycle. The number of occupants in similar models can reach up to 19 passengers, and the return on investment is considerable.

3. Low fuel consumption per hundred kilometers, stronger power, and economical and money-saving.

4. Service stations all over the country make maintenance more convenient and accessible to accessories more convenient.

5. Safe and reliable, with a long-headed body design. It maximizes the absorption of impact energy when the vehicle encounters a front collision. Moreover, the effect enhances the safety performance of the school bus. At the same time it protects the safety of drivers and children.

Cargo body:

Firstly, the cage body structure design for conducting a CAE simulation analysis of multiple working conditions on the body. So that to ensure that the lightweight body structure has higher reliability and safety.

Secondly, the upper body adopts a closed-loop skeleton structure to ensure that the occupants have enough living space during the rollover.

Thirdly, the special mini school bus body is with yellow-green fluorescent color reflective contour strips. Together with school bus logos, especially to remind the surrounding vehicles, to put on a “protective vest” for the minibus.

Finally, the driver’s field of vision 360° has no blind zone. This ensures that the driver can observe all the conditions around the mini school bus body at any time. This also helps in avoiding accidents for children caused by observing blind spots.

Door and GPS:

Firstly, equipped with a safety escape door, safety glass, and safety hammer. It provides a foolproof guarantee for the safety of children.

Secondly, a GPS driving recorder is to record and store the driving speed, time, mileage, and other status information of the mini school bus, and can realize data output through the interface, which provides effective tracking for the safe driving of the mini school bus, and makes driving The situation is under control


Firstly, the lower part of the closed car window can avoid the danger caused by the children opening the car window at will;

Secondly, the upper part of the window is movable to meet the ventilation needs of the car. This ensures fresh air circulation in the car.

Seat features:

Firstly, the seat armrests with soft materials to prevent children from accidentally bumping.

Secondly, all seats in the minibus are with seat belts, to ensure the safety of children.

Thirdly, other bus seats are generally designed according to adult standards, while the seats of KINGSTAR factory’s special minibus are specially tailored to the physical characteristics of school-age children.

Among similar models, KINGSTAR factory’s special minibus has the first level of stepping design, which is the most convenient to get on and off!

The first step height is less than or equal to 340mm, and the second step height is less than 170mm. Based on the experience value of ergonomics, it can meet the needs of children to get on and off the school bus in a convenient, stable, safe, and comfortable way.

The short front suspension design makes it convenient and effortless for the driver to steer. The load distribution of the front and rear axles is balanced, effectively avoiding eccentric wear of the tires.


This model mini school bus also can be widely used in short and medium-distance passenger transportation, tourism, and community transportation, with various types of seat layout for meeting different demands. Maximum seating could reach 22 seaters (19+3 folding seats). KINGSTAR’s factory will always strive to supply the most reliable and stable and comfortable bus for the public.

In the coming future, KINGSTAR ’s factory still has a long way to go. KINGSTAR will follow the step and promote mini school bus to all over the world.



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