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Recently, KINGSTAR’s factory successfully has 4 units 6-meter electric minibus for sale to Nigeria. This is the first time that the factory has an electric minibus for sale to Nigeria. At the same time, KINGSTAR’S factory also became the first manufacturer who gets electric minibus for sale to Nigeria.

electric minibus for sale

Actually as early as 2017, KINGSTAR and the factory had the fuel version of this model type minibus exported to Nigeria. After years of intensive cultivation in the Nigerian commercial vehicle market with local strategic partners, the factory’s models have become a well-known local car brand. Moreover, it has received extensive attention from all walks of life. Up to now, there has more than 400 petrol-type such kind of minibus operating in Nigeria. The factory getting the electric minibus for sale to Nigeria is a new attempt for the local market. Also, it is of great significance to local market development.

The minibus can effectively guarantee the journey

So far the electric minibus for sale is equipped with the domestic well-known brand electric motor. Besides, it is with a peak torque of 160kW, a battery capacity of 205Ah, and a driving range of 300KM. The minibus can effectively guarantee the journey and meet the needs of customers in the local city demand.

KINGSTAR’s factory actively grasps the future development direction of the global automobile industry. This industry is including the minibus takes the intelligent driving project as the company’s strategic direction. Also, actively integrates networking, digitalization, and intelligence in the development of new minibus. The minibus covers radar systems, sensory camera systems, range-finding radar systems, wire control systems, etc,. This enabling electric vehicles to drive more safely and reliably in facing complex road traffic environments. The minibus intelligent driving project has accumulated rich technical experience for the factory’s future development. What’s more, it is laying a solid foundation for the further realization of the research, development. Also, provide a solid foundation of the mass production of intelligent vehicles.



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