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KINGSTAR began exporting minibus China to Peru in 200. The export volume of minibus China has increased year by year. By the year 2013, the annual export volume of minibus China has exceeded 1,500. In this year, KINGSTAR has established a long-term friendly cooperative relationship with many customers in Peru.

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In order to provide the best service to the cooperative customers and further develop the market sales of the minibus in Peru, from August 3rd to August 12th, 2013, KINGSTAR marketing sales staff went to the local site to made research for the minibus sales and have a face-to-face discussion with dealers for the minibus China business running in Peru. The meetings with all the dealers reached a fruitful result for all parties.

So far, more than USD 1500 units of KINGSTAR minibus China serve in Peruvian markets.

These minibus China, are sold to many cities in Peru, such as LIMA, CHICLAYO, HUANCAYO, SULLANA, TALARA, TUMBES, JAEN, CAJAMARCA , JULIACA, TACNA. The minibus supplied by KINGSTAR was very popular for the market and highly recognized by the users.

The minibus China supplied by KINGSTAR for Peru market includes a variety of models with the length of 4 meters to 5.99 meters. This model is with seats ranging from 7 seats to 20 seats, displacement covers 1.0L, 1.3L, 1.5L, 2.4L to 2.7L. These minibus China have rich configuration, graceful modeling, safety side glass windows. Moreover, they are with capacious space, and excellent noise-proof, as well as sufficient practicality.

KINGSTAR minibus is a universal model that gives consideration to families, businesses, and logistical use. They can be also widely used in short and medium-distance passenger transportation, tourism, and community transportation. Here for Peru markets, the minibus China mainly used as a taxi. In the streets of Peru, we can see small minivans like Kingstar minibus everywhere. The suitable body size makes it a great advantage for running in the narrow aisle; stable quality and excellent fuel efficiency, make the minibus playing an important role in passenger transportation also.

During this trip, KINGSTAR has visited the exhibition halls set up by Peruvian dealers.

We learned about the sales situation of KINGSTAR minibus in the local market and the actual operation status of each customer. Also, solved problems related to after-sales service. Senior representatives also had exchanged views on product design and equipment optimization.

Through active communication and discussion with all the KINGSTAR minibus dealers in Peru, KINGSTAR has obtained more market information and well learned the needs of different customers. Through face-to-face communication with all the dealers, KINGSTAR dealers strengthened their confidence in cooperation with KINGSTAR and gave high praise to Kingstar’s minibus: less fuel consumption for saving cost, various models for selection, and suitable prices for meeting different customer demand.

This visit has brought a better understanding between dealers and KINGSTAR for the Peruvian market. KINGSTAR will go together with customers in Peru to create a better future for the minibus China business.

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