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KINGSTAR T100 mini van truck

KINGSTAR VEHICLE COMPANY LIMITED was founded in 2004. And it has been engaged in the automobile export business ever since, with all staffs having rich experience in automobile production and export. Mini van truck is one of the major products that we are exporting. Relying on aggressive marketing, innovative product design, strict quality control as well as excellent after-sales service, KINGSTAR has become a leading and professional company in the field of Chinese automobile exportation.
KINGSTAR is an authorized exporter of main Chinese automobile manufacturers. The main business scope includes automobile production, marketing, and services. Based on the technical cooperation with the different manufacturers, our KINGSTAR brand has come out to the market in the overseas market with marvelous success.

The major range of vehicles covers mini van truck, VAN, BUS, TRUCK, MPV, SUV, PICKUP, Mini-truck, and EV (Electric vehicle). They are quite popular in overseas marketing.

Today we are going to introduce one of our most popular T100 mini van truck for you.

Mini-truck is an international multifunctional truck. Not only seeing the price but we should put our attention to different functions. Such as application, social acceptance, and universality. The advantage of single cab mini-truck or double cab mini-truck. Firstly, it is applied to family or business, and also applied to goods or passengers. Secondly, mini-truck with diversity structure, it has width, medium, and narrow differences. And also with a long box or short box or different function box, 2WD or 4WD, gasoline or diesel engine, automatically or manually, it can fully adapt to the social marketing segmentation and meet the different user’s extensive needs.
Besides, compared with a car, MPV, or SUV, the mini-truck is more competitive on loading and passing ability, no matter single or double cab mini-truck, all mini-trucks is a vehicle that uses the loading function to the maximum and is absolutely utilitarian.

T100 Mini-truck was one of the most important projects of our factory and this project also got large support from China’s local government. Our factory with 540,000 square meters, with four workshops, including welding workshops, stamping workshops, assemble workshops, and painting shops. For this mini-truck, we have four models, below a brief introduction of the mini-truck for your reference.

1. Four models of mini van truck

A. The fuel type of this mini-truck is gasoline, we have four models:

Single Cab mini-truck, Double Cab mini-truck, Box mini-truck, and Freezer mini-truck. Below are a brief introduction of four models mini-truck for your reference. For all Single Cab mini-truck, there is a saying that, the body structure of a single cab mini-truck belongs to the golden cut. Compare with a double cab mini-truck, the container of a Single cab is longer and with larger goods loading. As you know, the advantage of a longer wheelbase is to move the weight balance to the rear axle of the mini-truck. And it will enhance the stability of the mini-truck. And it can meet the requirements to loading diverse goods, which loading will exceed the double cab mini-truck. In a word, a single cab mini-truck is more suitable for loading large goods and could be seat 2 people at the same time. Especially suitable for Moving Company, Decoration Company, family and etc.

mini van truck

B. For all double cab mini van truck, the structure of the mini-truck is tending to more passengers.

T100 double cab mini-truck with 5 seats, as you can see from the picture that double cab with more windows compares with a single cab from the exterior. The double cab was designed for loading goods and also with more passengers. Although it tends to more passengers, the loading of the double cab is also not bad ( rated payload around 1000kg). Compare with a single cab mini-truck, the great advantage will be seating more passengers but also could loading goods. This mini-truck is especially suitable for those family or company that needs more seat but also load large goods at the same time. This mini van truck is applied for Moving Company, Decoration Company, family using and etc.

mini van truck

C. And we have two function mini-truck models, one of the mini van truck is Box truck as below picture shows.

It is almost the same as a single cab mini-truck, but this one we called box truck as it can also load large goods as a single cab mini-truck. However, it also keeps goods clean, especially protect those goods avoid shine and rain. Especially on bad weather, such as stormy, rainy, and snow days. For those people who good at modifying, you may try to make it a touring car if you are really good at it. This single cab box mini-truck is applied for Moving Company, Decoring Company, Food Company, family using and etc.

mini van truck

D. Another mini van truck is single cab Freezer truck.

From the exterior you may think it is the same as the box truck, it is worth mentioning that inside the box we have the special frozen system. This is the most important function of this mini-truck. It can keep food in the mini-truck always at a stable temperature, just like a moving refrigerator. Freezer mini-truck is definitely the best choice for Frozen Logistic Company or wholesaler shops and etc. It has the best-frozen function that could keep your foods fresh and clean, you may present the best taste ever for your dear clients.

mini van truck

2. Interior and colors for your choice:

For the interior of the mini-truck, except for beautiful decoration and delicate processing. The AM/FM Radio+MP3 Player + USB function may help you have a relaxing time when driving with your family or friends or colleagues. For safety, we also have 3points safety belts for drivers and co-driver. Front A/C, airbags for driver & co-driver, and ABS would be an optional choice for you with different prices. We have the white, silver, gray, yellow, golden, and red color of this mini-truck for you to choose from.


We have four ways to ship the mini-truck and minibus to you, below container loading information for your kindly reference:

4 unit single cab/ 40’HQ

2 unit single cab + 2 unit double cab/ 40’HQ

3 unit single cab + 1 unit double cab/ 40’HQ

3 unit double cab / 40’HQ


And for warranty, we have 3 years/100,000KM warranty of Engine, Gearbox, Front and rear axle, and A/C.

We have a different price for different models, no matter what kind of mini-truck you are searching for, we believe there is one that belongs to you. We also accept the customized function of mini van truck model.

Please kindly send us your inquiry, KINSTAR sales team will get back to you within 24hours!



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