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KINGSTAR Mini cargo vans for sale-KINGSTAR minibus

Mini cargo van was born for urban freight. In terms of space, KINGSTAR mini cargo vans for sale have achieved the double surprise of large driving space and large cargo space. The main and co-driving seats can support 4-way adjustment, making the sitting posture more comfortable and driving less fatigue.

The large capacity of up to 7m³ greatly improves its loading capacity, ensuring that small and large items can easily in accommodation. In terms of load, the mini cargo vans for sale uses 5 high-quality leaf springs with a thickness of 55mm. And a full-load mass of 2530kg to ensure that they can be loaded and stably loaded. In terms of power, the mini cargo van is with a Dongan 1.5L DVVT engine. Also with independent intelligent control of the intake and exhaust variable valve timing system. It is fully suitable for various working conditions and saves fuel consumption to the greatest extent.

mini cargo vans for sale

In order to enhance safety, we have installed anti-collision partitions in the cargo area and driving area of ​​this CARGO VAN.

mini cargo vans for sale

With high quality and affordable price, these mini cargo vans for sale have been selling well in various markets in Central and South America since 2000. As Panama, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, and even Kingstar’s sales channels are very popular. We will also use this minivan and minibus. Sold to the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, and other small Caribbean island countries.

mini cargo vans for sale

Besides minibus and minivan, KINGSTAR has a wide range of different vehicles. It is including mini-truck, light truck, heavy-duty trucks, microbus, mini-bus, big-sized bus, pickup, SUV, MPV, EV. The clients can achieve agency from us for different brands and types of vehicles with different manufacturers. OEM versions of vehicles are available.



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