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KINGSTAR started exporting 6 seater minibus since 1999

6 seater minibus, usually refers to 4M long MINIBUS.

Since Kingstar started exporting automobile business in 1999, this type of MINIBUS has been exported the most.

6 seater minibus

800CC gasoline engine

At that time, this type of 6 SEATER MINIBUS was with an 800CC gasoline engine. It was very cheap.

In 2003, the first batch of 40 MINIBUS of this type was exported to Nicaragua. After put into operation by local consumers, the market feedback information is very good. After that, there are rolling orders every month, and the response is particularly good.

6 seater minibus

20 units shipped to Guatemala

In the same year, the first batch of 20 units of this type of 6 SEATER MINIBUS was exported to Guatemala. Such as Nicaragua, the market response was very positive. We cooperated to speed up the pace and gradually customers became our exclusive distributors in the local area.

After that, we have successively exported this type MINIBUS to Panama, Honduras, Costa Rica, El Salvador and other Central American countries, as well as small island countries in the Caribbean such as Bahamas, Turks and Caicos.

997CC gasoline engine:

With customer demand, vehicle power requirements continue to increase. In 2005, this type of 6 SEATER MINIBUS was with a 997CC gasoline engine. In this way, the horsepower is greater, and the vehicle runs faster and more stable. Both manned and cargo are applicable, which promotes a continuous increase in sales.

With the development of the economy and the continuous progress of society, consumers’ consumption concepts are constantly changing. Our products must also keep updating along with these, so as to adapt to the needs of consumers.

In 2012, this type of 6 SEATER MINIBUS was with a 1.2L engine. After that, it was continuously updating, and the exterior design of the model. Such as the front grille, which was in updating every year. In this way, there are new models getting releasing every year.

Up to now, this model can be equipped with a 1.5L engine. Can meet the different needs of more consumers. In Central America, so far, El Salvador has become the third-largest market for exporting this model after Guatemala and Nicaragua. Our KINGSTAR products are getting more and more popular.



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