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How to buy mini school bus – KINGSTAR minibus

Children are the hope for the future of the family and the country. High-quality school buses and services are required to protect their way to school. Therefore, when you buy mini school bus, safety is undoubtedly the first principle.

buy mini school bus

We at KINGSTAR have been focusing on the automobile export business since 1999. It has been more than 20 years now. In 2012, our Uruguayan customer bought 12 MINIBUS as a SCHOOL BUS from us.

buy mini school bus

Safety and durability:

The customer finally chose our MINIBUS as the SCHOOL BUS after a comprehensive investigation and study. Because before that, the customer had purchased about 50 MINIBUS. After the local sales and consumer feedback, the safety of our MINIBUS Both and durability are very high. Therefore the customer decided to buy mini school bus from us and asked us to make relevant configuration changes to the requirements of the school bus.

Quality control:

At the same time, we are also fully aware of the huge social responsibility of school bus operation, and we dare not relax in terms of quality. Therefore, after receiving this order, we began to study the special requirements and special quality requirements of the school bus. Moreover, we made many detailed changes to this model.

First of all, compared with ordinary passenger cars, the MINI SCHOOL BUS body must be painted with eye-catching yellow. Also need to equip with reflective tape, stop signs, etc. It can improve the safety of the vehicle. At the same time, the interior space of the vehicle is fresh and bright. In addition to the overall internal structure without nails, all touchable parts are covered with flexible packaging technology. It can prevent primary school students from collisions and injuries due to games. Also to ensure that each design ensures the safety of children.

buy mini school bus

Once again, we adopted a birdcage frame, front and rear stamping parts for these 12 MINI SCHOOL BUS. Moreover, a “big long head” design on the front of the engine, which can well protect the safety of the students in the car even in an emergency. In addition, in times of crisis, rear safety doors and automatic glass-breaking devices can also win valuable evacuation time for students.

Ensure travel safety

Purchasing trustworthy special school bus products is the first key link to ensure the safety of primary school students to and from school. Since then, standardized operations and management are the second keys to the interlocking relationship. Only by connecting the two seamlessly can children be truly realized. Safe and worry-free when going to school.

Maintenance system:

Therefore, we require customers to make specific and detailed maintenance systems for the daily operation of vehicles. Such as daily inspections, weekly inspections, and monthly inspections of the system, and preventive routine maintenance of vehicles and engines. And hold another safety responsibility meeting at the end of each month to increase safety in every detail of daily work. Ensure the safety of the daily operation of the vehicle.

In terms of after-sales service, we give our customers great support. When customers need repairing parts urgently, we send parts by express. At the same time, the customer’s repairability is also very strong. After the vehicle breaks down, the customer can arrange a dedicated person to repair it as soon as possible, basically without delay.

With high quality and timely service, more customers choose our KINGSTAR first and are more willing to choose our products.



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