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How Important Does The Full Coverage of Electric City Bus

How Important Does The Full Coverage of Electric City Bus

1. What is electric city bus?

Electric city bus refers to the bus which driven by electric energy provided by on-board battery or cable and other power supply equipment.

Electric City Bus

2. Illustration of electric city bus

The electric city bus we called normally refers to those pure minibus. All uses electric energy driving, this kind of product has low noise, high driving stability, and almost zero emission. China aims to realize the diversification of the transportation and energy structure; maintain national energy security, reduce the emission pollution of automobile. To ensure the society sustainable development and improve China’s automobile industry. To keep the independent innovation ability and realize the leapfrog development of the automobile industry.

3. The significance of electric city bus

Firstly, the requirements of the drive system to an electric bus is good ability of torque control, high torque density. The reliability and efficiency within the whole speed range as high as possible. It is to ensure the good dynamic performance and handling of the electric bus. And to extend the endurance mileage of the electric bus when there is no breakthrough of the on-board power battery. The research and development of high level motor drive control system has great significance for us. This is to improve the level of electric vehicle drive system and the electric vehicle industry in China. With the improvement of permanent magnet material performance and the reduction of cost. Permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) is gradually becoming one of the mainstream motors in electric vehicle transmission system. Due to the advantages of high efficiency, high power factor and high power density.

4. The development prospect of electric city bus

4.1 Electric city bus is the inevitable choice of city buses

No doubt, world energy sources and the environment are deteriorating day by day. The situation in China is even more serious as the density of population, especially the air pollution in big cities.

At this instant, due to the emission of vehicle, the air pollution has become a big issue. Such as in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other big cities in China. China Environmental Monitoring Station monitored the air PM2.5 pollution level in several cities. Guangzhou, Wuhan, Lanzhou, Deyang, Chengdu and Chongqing cities, it turns out the PM2.5 level in these cities generally exceed the new standard of United States by 2 to 8 times.

A lot of research indicates that, the energy efficiency and emission of electric bus has obvious advantage than fuel vehicles. The DRC of the State Council has compared the energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions between EV and traditional gasoline vehicles. Electric bus is based on the “coal-electric-motor”, fuel vehicles is based on oil-gasoline-internal combustion engine”. The result shows that when only coal power is taken into account, the primary energy consumption per unit mileage of pure electric vehicles is only 0.7 times of traditional fuel vehicles.  Considering the trend of power structure optimization and energy efficiency improvement in China. According to the 76% proportion of coal power in 2015. The carbon dioxide emission of electric vehicles is about 74% of traditional gasoline vehicles.

4.2 China has a comparative advantage in developing electric city bus

Secondly, compared with passenger cars, minibus has more obvious fuel saving and emission reduction effects. According to relevant statistics, every bus in China travels 220-280 kilometers per day, the fuel consumption is about 90-120 liters. In addition, electric bus uses electric motors instead of engines. Less noise (almost no noise), and constantly variable transmission (CVT) to make the driving operation more easier.

  There is no other country in the world that is paying so much attention to the development of electric bus. Because there is no other country has such a huge demand for buses as China.  Because of this, the research and development capacity and production technology of domestic fuel bus does not lag behind foreign countries. Domestic electric bus as a strong comparative advantage. Furthermore, the development of pure minibus has its own advantages and conditions.

Compared with passenger cars, the space of the bus is large, the layout is standard. It is relatively easy and convenient to electrify. For the operation, also has very distinct characteristic: Fixed line, fixed route and fixed station; single journey is fixed and not very far; manned driving; departure time and return time are fixed and intensive.

However, developing electric bus, is to consolidate the exist advanced advantage. Moreover, to better cultivate battery, electronic control, motor, charging and changing technology. To provide the experience of electric bus, leading and promoting the industrial chain, effectively drive the electric vehicle industry development. As you can see, with the application of electric bus in foreign countries. No doubt, electric bus will surely attract big attention. It shall put into practice. Japan, Australia, the United States, France and other countries has already started.

5. What does electric city bus bring us within 1 year?

Shenzhen took the lead in realizing full coverage of electric bus till December 2018 which nearly a year. Shenzhen is the first nationwide and even global case.

How Shenzhen did this? What benefits has the implementation of electric city bus brought to this city?

A CCTV Financial Correspondent interviewed Mr Huang whom is a minibus of Shenzhen city. He has over 13 years experience in driving bus. The diesel bus engine is so loud, with a very jarring noise when bus stopped at the fixed station. And it will have a stream of black smoke, passengers will cover their nose and run away. Mr Huang recalled the image. Since Shenzhen covered with all electric city bus, the feeling about driving an electric city bus also has changed. It is easy driving, relaxed, accelerates quickly and low noise. It makes duty time happier.

Furthermore, according to the official statistics of Shenzhen Communications Commission, the full coverage of pure electric city bus nearly one year. Finally, the pure electric city bus saves 72.9% energy compared with the traditional diesel bus; with the annual total energy saving about RMB 366,000 and the total amount of alternative fuel 345,000 tons.



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