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How To Choose A Good Microbuses Diesel

The automobile is a big family with a wide variety of cars, all kinds of cars have a variety of different usages. Therefore, people divide them into different types, there are cars, buses, microbuses gasoline, microbuses diesel, trucks, off-road vehicles, special vehicles, tractors of dump trucks, etc., Types will be classified according to the model segmentation.

According to China’s national standards, here are the classifications:

Normally according to the fuel type divided into two types: gasoline and diesel, the typical classification is by the purpose of the cars. According to international, automobiles divided into sedans, buses, trucks, tractors, special cars, mine dump trucks, off-road vehicles seven types. Overseas automobiles divided into passenger cars and commercial cars, subdivide into cars, sports cars, off-road vehicles, multi-purpose vehicles, light buses, motor coaches, medium-sized trucks, heavy trucks, and special vehicles.

The classifications of automobile

It could devide according to displacement: minicar (below 1L), light car (1L ~ 1.6L), compact car (1.6L ~ 2.5L), intermediate car (2.5L ~ 4L), limousine (above 4L);

Buses could be divided by length: micro-buses (less than 3.5M), minibusses (3.5M~7M), medium-sized buses (7M ~ 10M), and big buses (over 10 meters);
Trucks divided by loading: micro trucks (under 1.8 ton), light trucks (1.8 ton ~ 6tons), medium-sized trucks (6 tons ~14 tons), heavy trucks (over 14 tons).
Passenger cars, buses, and trucks are regular used vehicles. While off-road vehicles, special cars, dump trucks, and tractors are with special usages. It could be for special environments and special situations.

Off-road vehicles are mainly all-wheel-drive vehicles used in bad roads or roadless areas. While now the usages extend to commercial cars. Exclusive vehicles are also called special vehicles. It is a vehicle different from the above cars with special structure, mainly used for special usages. For example, such as ambulance, fire trucks, bet money car, watering cart, post car, outside broadcast van, tank truck, cement mixer, etc., Dump truck is used in industry and mining and construction sites to load bulk raw materials, sand and can make the container automatically tip to unload the car. Tractor trucks are specialized for towing trailers, such as container trailers.

Firstly, introduction of microbuses diesel model Y6

Above automobile classification depends on the displacement, it is almost the same in different countries.

We have several minibus models. Today I am going to introduce hot sale models for your consideration.
First is our model Y6 minibus diesel. This minibus with a 7~16 seat capacity is a great choice for small group activities.

Secondly, the characteristics of the Y6 microbuses diesel
  • The world-renowned Austrian ECS company provided this microbuses diesel with the whole system optimization review and adjustment including transmission, steering, suspension, braking, etc.,
  • With the structure of the monocoque body with the world-class electrophoresis production line, we can ensure this minibus skeleton works for 10 years without any rust.
  • Safety and performance testing under extreme conditions proves the reliability, including hot region, plateau, and cold region.
Microbuses Diesel
Thirdly, the specifications of microbuses diesel model Y6

The dimension of the minibus is 5,915 * 2,040 * 2,632mm which is a high roof microbus, the wheelbase is 3,665mm. The standard seating capacity is 14seats, seat layout is 1+3+3+3+4 without a side sliding door.
The system of the microbuses diesel model Y6
The gearbox for this minibus is 6-speed manual transmission. The front suspension is Macpherson independent, the rear suspension is leaf spring suspension. The braking system of this minibus is front/back disc brake, ABS + EBD. Tires are 215/75R 16LT, the maximum vehicle speed is 120km per hour.

Fourthly, the engine of the microbuses diesel model Y6

For this microbus, we have two engines for your consideration, one is a gasoline engine, another is a diesel engine. The rated power of the diesel engine is 100km, the maximum torque is 370N.m. The fuel consumption of the minibus is 9.1L per 100km. The tank volume is 80L, and the emission is Euro V.

Fifthly, the brief introduction of microbuses diesel model Y7

This is also a microbuses diesel model which very similar to model Y6 but with more seats (9~23 seat capacity). The characteristics of the Y7 microbuses diesel are the same as model Y6.
The specifications of microbuses diesel Y7
The dimension of the minibus is 7,490 * 2,000 * 2,875mm. It is also a high roof microbus that with more space inside. The wheelbase is 4,325mm, the standard seat is 20 seats including the driver seat, other seat capacity will be an optional choice.

Microbuses Diesel

Sixthly, the system of the microbuses diesel Y7

The gearbox of the microbuses diesel model Y7 is 6-speed manual transmission. The front suspension is Macpherson independent, the rear suspension is leaf spring suspension. The braking system on this minibus Y7 is front/back disc brake, ABS + EBD which is quite good for the same class models. The tires on this microbus are 195/75 R16LT, the maximum speed of this microbus is 120km/h.

Finally, the engine of the microbuses diesel Y7

This diesel engine model is RA428 2.8T (VM technology), the rated power of this microbuses diesel is 120kw. The maximum torque is 420N.m, the fuel consumption of this microbus is 10.5L per 100 kilometers. The tank volume is 80L, the emission of the microbuses diesel is Euro V.

We could accept OEM service, logo modification, and feature customization. About the requirements not on the above listed, please feel free to contact us for sending the detailed catalog and price list for reference.



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