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Great suggestions for you to choose a proper Combi Minivan or SUV?

If you are considering buying an SUV or a combi minivan, this article may helpful for your confusion of which one you should choose.

If you have more than two children; or you have your own business; then you may need a vehicle which with three-row seats to satisfy your daily requirements. So which one you should choose? A SUV or a combi minivan?

A combi minivan is quite practical which could load enough people. SUV is more strong, more fashionable but lowers fuel efficiency, and the seating experience is not that comfortable. Which one is more suitable for you? Please read below and decided by your indeed needs.

  1. Cargo space comparison

A combi minivan has a huge cargo space behind third-row seats, this means even load full passengers you still have enough space to put your baby carriage, groceries, suitcase, and other equipment.

  • Passenger space comparison

Combi minivan with more advantages than SUV. Most minivan with three-row seats has over 150 cubic feet (Around 4 cubic meter), a lot of same class crossover vehicles can’t reach this standard. The low floor of the third-row seat of the minivan is more comfortable, sacrifice the interior height to provide a better comfortable ground clearance of passengers.

The equipment of the minivan is very similar to SUV. Both tend to have bucket seats in the front and three benches in the second and third rows.

For many premium interior SUVs and minivan, three seats in the second row are replaced by a pair of captain chairs. For two or three children family, this could be more comfortable. But if you need to load great capacity goods, this kind of equipment is not recommended.

If you need a lot of seats, some nine-seat minibus would be a good choice for family travel. But a minivan also could do this. You may need to choose it depends on your real needs.

  • Trailer and all-wheel drive

At present, only a combi minivan is equipped with an all-wheel drive. Actually, every crossover vehicle and SUV can be equipped with an all-wheel drive with extra charge. Some of the minivan defined as trailers, but they are not strong enough as SUVs. So if you’re planning on towing a camper off-road or trudging rough roads, an SUV might be a better choice. If you only have this idea but not really going to do it. Then you may choose a minivan to satisfy your daily needs.

  • Fuel efficiency

According to the research, a lot of minivans equipped low fuel consumption engine, and most of the time is driving in urban city road, so these minivans are more fuel-saving than it looks.

For SUVs, a lot of SUVs equipped with V8 engines (especially high-performance version), These kinds of high-powered engines provide enough power for these SUVs to handle difficult road conditions, but with them comes the problem of high fuel consumption.

Although the price of SUV fuel consumption is not that high, compares with a minivan, obviously, the fuel efficiency of the latter is higher. 

  • Models comparison

Although the advantages of combi minivan look quite a lot, combi minivan has lost its former glory, quite a few models on the market now. Because of the strong engine and beautiful exterior shape, people loved SUVs. Currently, various SUVs are on sale, from two-row seats to three-row seats, from the entry-level to the luxury level, the SUV boom has still held the majority of the market. The choice of a combi minivan is not much but quite practical, it is more suitable for a big family or business people, But the performance of SUV also could satisfy the daily needs of families.

  • Introduction of KINGSTAR combi minivan
Combi Minivan

 This is a gasoline engine minivan model we called VC5. The driving of the combi minivan is 4*2, rear-drive, the seating capacity is 7~11 seats.

  • The characteristics of the minivan

 l McPherson independent front suspension and five-leaf springs rear suspension to making high carrying capacity.

 l Modular space design maximizing utilized the inside limited space and meeting the different demands of driving, seating, and loading. The seating capacity could be a maximum of 11 people.

 l High efficiency engine, more powerful and more fuel saving.  

  • The specifications of the combi minivan VC5

The dimension of the combi minivan is 4,330 * 1,650 * 1,915mm, the wheelbase of the combi minivan is 2,850mm. The ground clearance is 160mm which is a very proper height for forgetting on and off. The curb vehicle weight is 1,175kg, the gross vehicle weight is 1,865kg. The fuel tank capacity is 45L.

6.3 The system of the combi minivan VC5

The gearbox of the minivan is manual 5 speed and reverse, synchronizing. The front suspension is McPherson independent suspension, the rear suspension is parallel leaf spring and absorber. The braking system of the minivan is a front disc and rear drum brake. The minimum turning radius is 5.2m, the maximum vehicle speed is 130km per hour. The tires on this minivan are 175/70R14LT.

  • The engine of the minivan VC5

We have two types of the engine, different types with different parameters, below information for your reference:

① Engine type:4-cylinder in line, 4-stroke, DOHC, 16-valves

   Displacement: 1300cc

Maximum power: 86/6000hp

Maximum torque: 108/4000-4400 N.m

Compression ratio: 9:8:1

Emission: Euro 4

  ② Engine type: 4-cylinder in line, aluminum engine

The displacement: 1500cc

The maximum power: 110

The maximum torque: 138

The compression ratio: 10:5:1

The emission: Euro 4    

  • The colors of the combi minivan, we have below colors for your consideration:
Combi Minivan

We could accept OEM service, logo modification, and feature customization. Information not on the above listed, please feel free to contact with us for catalog and price list. 

Which one you should choose? You may consider it combine your own needs, hope this article would be helpful for you.



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