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Do you take shuttle buses?  Do you want to know what’s shuttle buses like in Shanghai and Chongqing?

Generally, shuttle buses are a small type of transportation. The route is generally from the subway station to the last kilometer of the subway station, residential community, and shopping mall.  The fare is also very cheap and some lines are free.

In Shanghai

In order to alleviate the “last mile” travel problem of residents, Shanghai Bus Group, Pudong Bus, and Songjiang Bus have opened 134 Shuttle buses in Shanghai to connect the rail transit routes along the line with the surrounding communities.  And string up commercial outlets, hypermarkets, schools, hospitals, food farms, and community service centers.  The 134 Shuttle buses cover more than 100 residential quarters in 10 districts and counties. It including Minhang, Xuhui, Changning, Putuo, Zhabei, Baoshan, Yangpu, and Chongming.  That benefits hundreds of thousands of residents with a length of 2 to 10 kilometers.  Shanghai will add dozens of minibus every year to benefit more community residents by expanding its coverage.

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In Chongqing

After getting off the bus, there is still a long way to go home.  Although you live in a beautiful community, the car on the way home is packed like canned sardines. 

This situation has changed since June 2013.  According to the chairman of the domestic famous brand bus and the general manager of the city bus group, in June 2013. The first batch of 300 minibus was operated between bus nodes and communities to replace worn-out cars.   This kind of new shuttle bus has only one step to get on and off. And it is a subway car seat.

Per information, all buses in Chongqing will be delisted. In order to fill the line gap in 2014.  Bus Group commissioned its famous brand bus factory to design two types of the minibus. one with 18 seats and the other with 24 seats.  The 7m 24 seat bus is the main vehicle that the bus group intends to push.  The approved passenger capacity of this bus is 48 peoples which are equivalent to the passenger capacity of a 9m bus.

Generally, buses have two steps, and the effective standing space of the bus body is limited.

However, this kind of Shuttle bus adopts a part of the technology of the airport car ferry, coupled with the unique engine horizontal design, and only one step is taken to get on and off the bus.  The low floor area accounts for 65% of the interior area of the bus which greatly improves the interior space.  Because Shuttle buses have a short distance, it’s no problem for passengers to stand a little longer.

This shuttle bus seat is similar to that of the subway train: the left and right rows of seats on the car body are facing the interior of the car.  In this way, every passenger can get on and off the bus faster. Because there is no need to squeeze out from the inside of the two seats.  

Chongqing Public Transport Group said that in Chongqing’s plan to build a “transit metropolis”. You can find a bus stop by walking up to 500 meters in the future. These shuttle buses can also brush the bus IC card normally.

The shuttle buses are very convenient to take, right?  This will in favor of reducing urban traffic jams and pollution.



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