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Hot Sale of Great Space High Roof Minibus from KINGSTAR

As we have known that there are high roof minibus and semi-high roof minibus. Today we will analyze the high roof minibus from the specifications (exterior, interior, seat arrangement, engine, and system) of the vehicle.

The exterior of the high roof minibus model BG3

For this model BG3, we have emission standards Euro III and Euro IV for your selections. Today we will talk about our Euro IV model. For this model, we have a high roof and semi-high roof models.

High Roof Minibus
High Roof Minibus

The interior of the high roof minibus model BG3

This minibus is equipped with a new type dashboard, it mainly in black color and few silver colors for decoration.

We also have the wood-grain dashboard as your optional choice, clients could choose it depends on your own habit.

High Roof Minibus

Seats design and arrangement of the high roof minibus

Our standard seat capacity of this minibus is 16 seats, it could be from 12 to 16 seats depends on the client’s requirements.

The dimension of the high roof minibus

Model BG3 has several faces for your selection and the dimension of each face are also different. The overall dimension of each face is as below:

2018 front face: 5,053 × 1,700 × 2,240mm

2014 front face and 2010 front face: 5,280 × 1,700 × 2,240mm The wheelbase of the minibus is 2.890mm. The max speed of the minibus is ≥ 115km per hour, the fuel tank capacity of the minibus is 70L.

High Roof Minibus

The engine of the minibus

The engine model of the minibus is BJ493ZLQ4, the emission standard is Euro 4. It is 4 cylinders in line, diesel engine, turbocharger type engine. The displacement of the minibus is 2.71L. The rated power of the minibus is 70/3600kw/rpm, the max torque of the minibus is 225/600 N.m/rpm.

The chassis of the minibus

The clutch of the minibus is a single disk, hydraulic operation. This minibus is equipped with a manual 5-speed ahead and 1-speed reverse transmission. It is an independent suspension and rear leaf-spring which enable the stability of the minibus. The braking system of the minibus is vacuum servo, hydraulic brake; front disc, and rear drum braking. Also, this minibus is equipped with a hand brake. The tires on this minibus are 195/70R15.

If you are interested in this Euro 4 high roof minibus, please feel free to contact us.  



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