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Cheap small vans are from KINGSTAR VC5 electric van

Cheap small vans

Now, there is a new model KINGSTAR VC5 electric van from our factory.  The cheap small vans are small & square in shape, simple decoration design, a large cargo compartment, a powerful battery motor, and strong chassis.

Let’s know more detail below.

1. Small and square shape

The cheap small vans are 4.33M in length, 1.65M in width, and 1.92M in height, with a wheelbase of 2850MM, and the front and rear wheel tracks of 1390MM and 1410MM respectively.

2. Relatively simple decoration design

There is not much storage space in the whole car, and the seats are in beige fabric material, which makes the cab look comfortable and not easy to absorb heat. The biggest highlight is the rearview mirror, which also sets the reversing image on the rearview mirror. This design for the cheap small vans is very friendly.

3.  4.3CBM large cargo compartment

The hatchback tailgate is adopted, with side doors on both sides.  The cargo compartment of cheap small vans has a volume of 4.3CBM, and the platform is relatively flat.  The rated load is 770KGS, and the servicing mass is 2210KGS.

4. Powerful battery motor

In terms of battery, the ternary lithium battery of Henan Lixiang is adopted, and the battery capacity is 38.96KWH.  The motor adopts the permanent magnet synchronous motor with the power of 45KW.  The official cruising range is 240KM, and the maximum speed is 90km/h.  The charging time is 3 hours fast and 12 hours slow for the cheap small vans.

5. Strong chassis

The front suspension of the car is McPherson’s independent suspension. And leaf spring suspension is adopted for the rear suspension. The front axle load is 910KGS, and the rear axle load is 1300KGS.

How do you think about the cheap small vans?  Friends who are familiar with new energy logistics vehicles know that the high-cost performance of our KINGSTAR VC5 electric van has always been an advantage.  Feel free to contact us if any comments.



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