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High Torque and Great Max Speed of 15 Passenger Mini Bus from KINGSTAR

We KINGSTAR as one of the professional automobile exporters of China. We have exported to over 90 countries and regions, all our products have been proved to be strongly marketable in overseas markets with good quality and competitive prices. Today we are going to share our 15 passenger mini bus models with you from different aspects. Such as the main parameter of the minibus, exterior and interior, functional parts, and some optional choices of the minibus.

The main parameter of the 15 Passenger Mini Bus model JC6

It is a fully integrated body minibus with both left-hand driving and right-hand driving minibus. The overall size of the minibus is 5,995 * 2,040 * 2,645/2,745mm, the wheelbase of the minibus is 3,720mm. The engine model of the minibus is DK5B which is a diesel engine. The emission of the 15 Passenger Mini Bus model JC6 is Euro IV. The displacement of the minibus is 2.982L. The rated output of the minibus is 110/3400kw/rpm. The max torque of the minibus is 330/1600-2400 N.m/rpm. Our standard seat is 17seats, it could be adjusted to 15 depends on the client’s need. The capacity of the fuel tank is 70L. The clutch of the minibus is a single disc, hydraulic control. The transmission type of the minibus is manual 6 speeds, flexible shaft control.

The front tires on the minibus are 225/75R 16LT, the rear is 6.50R16LT radial tires. The braking system of the minibus is a front disc and rear drum. ABS + EBD, initiative vacuum booster are available. Which is safe enough for you to choose a vehicle for travel. The suspension of the minibus is the front double-wishbone independent suspension; the rear suspension is a variable-rate leaf spring, power steering system. The rear axle of the minibus is an integral pressing axle.

15 Passenger Mini Bus
15 Passenger Mini Bus

The exterior of the minibus

This minibus is a new front face with solid color painting. The body is with cathodic electrophoretic paint. The minibus with a rod-type manual wing mirror, and full-closed green glass (except driver window). And the minibus with a side rubbing strip.

15 Passenger Mini Bus

The interior of the minibus

The interior of the minibus is simple but classic. The high back Toyota shape seat with armrest. With a safety belt for all seats. The beige formed roof interior decoration with A/C vents. We have sunvisor for two sides. The minibus with stainless guard bar and an electric clock.

15 Passenger Mini Bus

The optional choice for the 15 Passenger Mini Bus model JC6

We have metallic paint for your selection. Also curtain beside the window, 15-inch foldable LCD. Passenger door remote controller and USB socket for your kindly consideration.

For more choice or detailed information of the functional parts, please freely contact us.



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    I am interested in buying or purchasing Minibus
    Model JC6 15 seat passenger with High Torque
    From Kingstar Minibus Manufacturer from China.
    Additional Requirement: Fuel Type : Petrol
    No of Vehicle needed : 20 Unit Vehicles

    Shippment to Singapore.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank you.

    Mr.Suresh Kumar S/O Rajalingam BSEEE( USA)
    FTC C&G ( UK)
    Group Head Director Of AAISO GROUP PTY.LTD
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
    Email: sureshkrajalingam@outlook.com
    Date: Mon 13th June 2022
    Time: 8:37am

    • Dear Mr. Suresh,

      Nice to receive message from you.
      Here are the catalogue and price for JC6.

      May I have your mobile phone number or what’s app for better communication?
      Best regards.

      Emma Ding

      Zhanjiang Kingstar Vehicle Co., Ltd.
      E-mail: emma@kingstar.com.cn
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