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KINGSTAR new MINIBUS is divided into comfort type and luxury type.


From the appearance point of view, the design style is quite traditional.

   The design of the headlight lamp group is square, and it has a high degree of integration with the front grille. The front face looks more integrated. The design is well-regulated and there is no redundant shape, and the lines are simple and clear.

Length, width, and height are 4500/1680/1900mm. Wheelbase reaches 3050mm.

  • The new MINIBUS adopts a double sliding door design. It is much more convenient to open the door on both sides, whether you are sitting in or pulling goods.
  • In the interior, it is different from the retro appearance. The interior design of KINGSTAR’s new MINIBUS is quite fashionable, and it is richer in passenger car style.


The brown interior of the instrument panel is matching with the black interior of the front panel of the center console, creating a warm visual effect inside the MINIBUS.

  • In terms of configuration, all new MINIBUSES are with rear reversing radar and an anti-lock braking system (ABS/EBD) as standard. The luxurious configuration is with a large 8-inch touch screen, as well as reversing images, multi-function steering wheel, etc.

   It is worth noting that there is no air conditioning in low-end models (comfort).


  • In terms of power, KINGSTAR new MINIBUS is with a 1.5L engine, with a maximum power of 112 horsepower and a 5MT gearbox.

   The overall fuel consumption of this MINIBUS is 7.3L/100km. The power performance is strong and powerful, as far as the current fuel consumption is concerned, it is also fuel-efficient, and the carrying capacity is also strong.

KINGSTAR new MINIBUS, which is so practical that one auto has multiple uses.

Not only being able to carry goods for logistics, but the space of seven seats inside is large for passengers. The middle seat is a two-seater seat that can slide back and forth and has plenty of legroom. Three adults in the back row will not crowd at all. The backrest can be put down. Inside space can be used perfectly. Carrying passengers and goods can meet the demand.



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